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Woman Wearing MIT Shirt Banned From Voting In Boca Raton

MIT shirt boca raton voting

A woman wearing an MIT shirt in Boca Raton was initially denied entrance to a polling place.

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — A woman attempting to vote in West Boca Raton this morning was initially prohibited from entering the polling place because she was wearing a t-shirt with the letters MIT.

BocaNewsNow.com has heard from multiple sources that an election supervisor at the polling place ultimately realized that MIT stands for “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” — a school where students tend to know how to spell — and was not a campaign shirt for the Republican candidate, who spells his name MITT.

Campaigning is not permitted within several yards of a polling place.

The woman was ultimately allowed to vote.

Several calls to Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher for confirmation or comment have gone unanswered as of Tuesday afternoon.


Throughout the area, lines are averaging an hour at mid-day in part due to the six page ballot in use in much of unincorporated South Palm Beach County and Boca Raton. Based on observations, it appears that election officials are not making it clear to voters that arrows must be connected on the ballot to constitute a vote, and that there are questions or candidates on each of the six pages. Additionally, there is just one “scantronic” machine in use at most locations, slowing down the process. Each page of the ballot must be fed into the machine.

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49 thoughts on “Woman Wearing MIT Shirt Banned From Voting In Boca Raton”

    1. Um, yeah, that’s the point of the artcile. And for the record, while Mitt indeed has two Ts, there’s no apostrophe when pluralizing the letter.

      1. Actually, yes there is. The mistake you were looking for is that the T’s should be t’s because the t’s are lowercase.

      2. Actually, no there isn’t. From the Chicago Manual of Style:
        DO NOT use an apostrophe to form the plural of capital letters used as words, abbreviations that contain no interior periods, and numerals used as nouns:
        the three Rs.
        the 1990s
        lengthy URLs

      3. You’re both right. It depends on the style manual. Thirty years ago, it was CD’s, TV’s, etc. Style guides have changed, but let’s not be snotty.

      4. Further someone says;
        ‘Thirty years ago, it was CD’s, TV’s, etc. Style guides have changed.’
        It’s not a style, its a language, the apostrophe has many uses, and at a stretch you could shove one on the shirt to hide the T, the case is immaterial as if it were a banner all in upper case it’d work fine, though no-one would understand it until it came into common parlance.

      5. Mind your p's and q's

        The Chicago Manual of Style instructs writers on NOT using the apostrophe for the possessive of upper case letters, but USING the apostrophe for the possessive of lower case letters. Look further down on the previous link….Daily Writing Tips is quoting the CMS.

      6. Mr. Rabson is correct. I was taught to use the aphostrophe for such plurals in secretarial courses back in the 70*’*s. And I still think it looks a lot better that way. Also, just to clarify, we are talking about plurals in this case, not possessives.

      7. You folks have a lot of time to discuss inane grammar. Ultimately, grammar is some rules, which are arbitrary and fluid. Come on, do something more constructive.

      8. OK. “grammer is some rules” thank you, ow.
        Also, I’m shocked no one has pointed out the original correction misspelled the word article…it does seem that if you are going to criticize someone else’s mistake you may want to speel yur post in am more better way.

    2. Why does Florida insist on posting idiots in their polls? Is it to torture the rest of America?
      Funniest line: “MIT stands for “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” — a school where students tend to know how to spell.”

      1. She should be releived she didnt go to the Texas college named
        “Sam Houston Institute of Technology.”
        They’d have probably tased her.

  1. Now can we hang the election supervisor until dead, along with all the other Commies running this country for the past 30 years?

  2. Thank you to all Florida voters who are waiting in line to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. We can do better than to have so many Americans unemployed. The unemployment rate only drops when people run out of benefits and are no longer counted. We’re tired of not being counted. Obama’s policies have failed. People are ready to be counted again. Let’s put Mitt Romney in the White House to make our country strong again.

    1. That “unemployment rate” you’re thinking about doesn’t include people who have given up looking for work…so, in a way, yes, the unemployment rate does fall, but the -employment rate- doesn’t go up. The magic of funny numbers. I’m always astonished by the rejection of social welfare programs in the parts of the country where poverty and education are at their worst – and where the most social welfare benefits are paid out (I’m talking about “red states” here). In the more advanced Skandanavian socialist states there is much more spending on social welfare, better education, less poverty, less crime, less pollution, and more happiness overall. For those of you arguing that we could never get away with the high tax rates they have in Europe (75% or higher), the tax rate in the US was closer to 90% when we achieved things like the interstate highway system and putting a man on the moon. I think if people were better educated about history and economics we wouldn’t have so many votes for socially regressive policies. Of course, socially progressive policies include improving education so this is clearly a negative feedback cycle.

  3. Sounds as if the Supervisor fails “Iconic American Institutions” for ever. And, yes, “IAI” is pronounced, “aye-ya-yaye”.

  4. Sounds as if the Supervisor fails “Iconic American Institutions” forever. And, yes, “IAI” is pronounced, “aye-ya-yaye”.

    1. “…technical colleges like MIT and GT…”
      You do realize, I hope, that MIT is one of the world’s foremost research universities, and one of the most selective? To link MIT and Georgia Tech in the same sentence is kind of like equating filet mignon and a Big Mac.

      1. My apologies for any offense. I was at MIT in the mid-1960s (did an undergraduate thesis through Project MAC), and would never want to give MIT a bad reputation. Suggesting that MIT is in a different league than Georgia Tech doesn’t strike me as being an ass, but I’ll defer to your superior knowledge of what constitutes ass-hood.

    2. MIT students most assuredly know how to spell. Computer code will not compile correctly (or even compile at all) with any spelling or syntax mistakes.
      -Former MIT student.

  5. Never mind the fact that wearing campaign attire (buttons, shirts, etc.) to Florida polls is allowed, making this even sillier.
    “Voters may wear campaign buttons, shirts, hats, or any other campaign items when they enter the polling place to vote; voters may not otherwise campaign there.” (From the Polling Place Procedures Manual incorporated within Rule 1S-2.034, Florida Administrative Code)

  6. It’s not the Democrats that are stupid, John. Have you forgotten Florida’s contribution to the 2000 election? How hard can it be to punch out some chads and then count the ballots?

  7. Oh wow, to the first 8 comments, THANK you for making me laugh this hard today. I needed it. The only thing I hate in this world is bad grammar, and kudos to all of you for creating a really good comedy routine out of something so horribly stupid. No extra Ts on Tees, EVER AGAIN!

  8. This should never have happened even if the shirt had said Mitt.
    “Voters may wear campaign buttons, shirts, hats, or any other campaign items when they enter the polling place to vote; voters may not otherwise campaign there.” (From the Polling Place Procedures Manual incorporated within Rule 1S-2.034, Florida Administrative Code)
    So, merely going to the polls wearing campaign paraphernalia is OK, but, by statute (s. 102.031(4), Florida Statutes), one cannot solicit voters within 100 foot of the entrance to any polling place.”

  9. This exemplifies the level of intelligence of the quintessential Obama supporter that has led this country on a path of total destruction. To call them idiots is an insult to idiots. God help us. It’s so frustrating to watch my fellow countrymen so witlessly cheering for a man who has clearly stated he wants to destroy America. How sad is that? Mark my words, Hitler will be held in higher esteem than Obama in the history books of my grandchildren.

    1. Either I and the entire media missed Obama’s “I want to destroy America” speech, or you’re delusional.
      Guess which explanation is the more parsimonious.

    2. Wow, Obama was not even mentioned in the article. I’m so glad you went off on such a tirade based on something you made up. Quintessential Tea-party supporter, holding angry opinions having nothing to do with reality.

  10. “MIT stands for “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” — a school where students tend to know how to spell”: I beg your pardon, but MIT is a school where students tend to know how to count. The other school in Cambridge–Harvard–is where students tend to know how to spell.

  11. This is the most amazing online conversation I have ever seen. Boca Raton. Who knew? Thanks everybody for putting a smile on my face.

  12. Where did the election supervisor get thier degree, Mail Order from Sear catalog in 1955? What kind of person doesn’t know what MIT stands for?

    1. You’d be surprised. When I was admitted, I had to explain it to a lot of people, and still had a bunch of people who were disappointed I’d go to a “technical school” (think ITT) rather than a “real university”
      -A Real MIT Rocket Scientist