Hotwire Sends Boca Raton Customers Disconnect Letters

BOCA RATON, FL ( — In what is being chalked up as a computer error, has learned that hundreds — and possibly thousands — of customers of “Hotwire” Cable, Internet and Phone service have received two erroneous letters threatening service cancellation.
hotwire boca raton
A computer glitch led to Hotwire customers receiving disconnect letters in Boca Raton.

In the first, customers are advised of a past due balance. In the second, which arrives just days later, customers are greeted with the headline “NOTICE OF IMPENDING DISCONNECTION OF HOTWIRE SERVICES.”

The letters come as a surprise to many customers who take part in “auto pay” plans, where Hotwire merely charges a credit card each month. Barring a credit card problem, there is no reason that a payment would ever be late.

A Hotwire rep now says the past due letters and the subsequent disconnected letters were sent in error due to a computer problem at Hotwire's suburban Philadelphia headquarters.

Hotwire is the main service provider in several Boca-area communities, including Boca Falls. Despite a shaky rollout, and rare issues such as this, Hotwire has been met with mostly positive results and what many say is a service experience significantly improved from Comcast.