PSA: Beware While Driving In Boca, Nutty Drivers Are Everywhere


BOCA RATON, FL ( — A Public Service Announcement this morning from your friends at Be careful while you’re driving. The laid back “I care about nothing around me” attitude of a holiday week has clearly set in around Boca Raton, and will unquestionably lead to serious accidents. In a short drive this morning between 441 and Jog on Clint Moore, we observed at least two bleach-blonde older women in white Mercedes (we are not joking — these are separate drivers in separate cars) weaving while texting and driving. One was smoking while texting and driving.
We also witnessed a dark haired younger woman in a Lexus applying makeup while driving — likely speeding to Lulu Lemon to await a Black Friday sale on spandex pants for yoga.
As the obliviousness sets in, please be careful and be aware of the drivers around you — the audience is a smart bunch, we would hate for any of our readers to be injured because of a turkey of a driver unaware that you’re driving legally and attentively in your lane while they weave in and out and knock you from the road.