ONLY IN BOCA: Woman Thinks Friend Took $36k Bracelet

Missing bracelet boca Raton.
We have no idea what the missing bracelet looks like, but this is a very expensive bracelet that has likely been seen in Boca Raton.

BOCA RATON, FL ( — As the country braces to fall off of the fiscal cliff, a woman in Boca Raton is bracing to never see her $36,000 bracelet again.

Boca Police say the woman claims her pricey possession was last seen while she was staying at a friend's residence in the tower at 250 South Ocean Blvd. She apparently told police that she did not “see” the friend take the bracelet, but “suspects” he may have had something to do with the bracelet's disappearance.

No arrests at this point. No word if the bracelet was insured. And since you're wondering, no insight as to whether the man and woman are still friends, or what kind of friendship it was.