NUTTY PROFESSOR? FAU Prof Suggests Obama Behind Sandy Hook

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FAU Professor James Tracy questions the role of the Obama administration in the Sandy Hook massacre.

UPDATED: 12:27p Wednesday, January 9, 2013
BOCA RATON, FL ( — Florida Atlantic University (FAU) officials are distancing themselves from communications professor James Tracy who on his blog suggests that President Obama had a role in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 20 children and 6 school employees dead.
Just after noon on Wednesday, FAU President Mary Jane Saunders, Ph.D., issued the following statement:

To the FAU community:
I am sure that many of you are aware of the recent comments by a Florida Atlantic University faculty member regarding the tragic events that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14. I want to make it clear that those views and opinions are not shared by Florida Atlantic University, and I am personally saddened by any media stories that have added to the pain felt by the victims’ families.
FAU joins the entire nation and people around the world in feeling profound grief for the lives lost on that awful day. Our hearts break for the victims, their loved ones and friends, and all the people of Newtown. The world lost innocent children and brave adults whose lives were dedicated to education. In the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, we learned of the tremendous heroism of the Sandy Hook teachers and administrators. We admire their courage in the face of unspeakable horror and we honor their memory. 

Tracy, who poses questions about the media’s coverage of the event, suggests that the President orchestrated — or at least had involvement in — the event in an effort to spark a national debate on gun control.
Tracy writes on his blog:

Regardless of where one stands on the Second Amendment and gun control, it is not unreasonable to suggest the Obama administration complicity or direct oversight of an incident that has in very short order sparked a national debate on the very topic—and not coincidentally remains a key piece of Obama’s political platform.

He also writes:

Moreover, to suggest that Obama is not capable of deploying such techniques to achieve political ends is to similarly place ones faith in image and interpretation above substance and established fact, the exact inclination that in sum has brought America to such an impasse.

The blog, which continues for several pages, questions the response of emergency workers, the involvement of shooter Adam Lanza, and the arrest of other people involved with the massacre — arrests that law enforcement says never took place.
Florida Atlantic University Spokeswoman Lisa Metcalf tells, “James Tracy does not speak for the university. The website on which his post appeared is not affiliated with FAU in any way.”
Tracy’s Blog:
ED NOTE: Just to say what our smart readers are likely thinking: we have no idea if Professor Tracy truly believes what he has written, or if it is an attempt by a communications professor to gain either notoriety or generate controversy for a research project. Just as he questioning Sandy Hook, we at are questioning just how controversial his self-made controversy truly is. Let us know what you think, below.

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6 thoughts on “NUTTY PROFESSOR? FAU Prof Suggests Obama Behind Sandy Hook”

  1. overthe47percenters you tell me. if i lost a family member i can assure you my face would have been swollen and distorted from crying. any thought of them in the moment would set my lip to quivering and that assumes you get me off meds out of a dark bedroom to begin with. these people smile and laugh at fond memories of their children. start with this video…and if it moves you go to the next one, part two. and from there, part three. not so far fetched………

  2. Does this “professor” have tenure? If not the University should take stronger action than distancing themselves from his comments!What a disgrace,we should ALL be discusted!!!

  3. You do realize that he’s not the first one to have come up with this right?
    And why is it that when ever ANYONE asks these kinds of questions after finding inconsistencies with the media’s reports or ‘official government’ reports they get labeled as as a Conspiracy Theorist?
    We’re all supposed to be good little “sheeple” and take the media and government’s every word as gospel when it’s been proven in the past that they’ve either covered things up or slanted it to fit their own agenda?