Boca Resident Michael Romero Killed In Accident

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POMPANO BEACH, FL ( — 35-year-old Boca Raton resident Michael Romero was killed late Thursday night when police say he was speeding southbound on Dixie Highway in Pompano, turning into the path of a 38-year-old Pompano Beach woman driving a Ford Focus.

Liza Renteria, the driver of the Ford, was also killed.

Investigators say Romero, who lived on Lake Forest Circle in Boca — near Del Prado Elementary School — was driving at a “high rate of speed.”

Broward Sheriff’s Office Traffic Homicide Unit detectives responded and conducted an on scene investigation. Dixie Highway remained closed until 4 a.m. Friday, when the crash scene was cleared. The Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office will determine the cause of death of the two victims. The traffic homicide investigation remains ongoing.


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19 thoughts on “Boca Resident Michael Romero Killed In Accident

  1. You absolutely have to love inaccurate reporting!
    Although it MAY be true that Michael was traveling faster than the speed limit, He COMPLETELY had the right-of-way in this accident. The driver of the blue Ford Focus, Liza Renteria, made an unsignaled LEFT turn crossing the median without braking and interfering with Michaels path causing both to perish.
    It is easy to make assumptions. It is even easier to believe that all Motorcyclists are speed demons. However at some point as an objective reporter, SOMEONE should review the facts BEFORE casting a negative light on a person they had no idea about in an event that they were not eyewitness to.
    The pain of losing a loved one is hard enough without a newspaper telling lies about how he died.
    Please get the facts straight before another family has to go through what I am going through now reading this slanderous account of what DIDN’T happen.
    Superman, Top Gunz M/C.

    1. Ed. Note: Here is what we have learned about motorcycle accidents: the police are always wrong because the motorcycle driver is never, ever speeding, weaving, or driving irresponsibly. Motorcycle drivers in South Florida never do any of these things.
      In this case, the police say Romero was speeding. We don’t make up facts.

      1. Your reply was sarcastic and rude. You should stick with facts and keep your personal feelings about motorcycles to yourself. As the man who raised Michael I am offended by your comments and if the occassion arose I would very much like to punch you in your rude opinionated mouth.

      2. Perfect! When words offend one, one should resort to violence. Hope you raised lots of other kids too…we need more of that kind of parenting in the world! Thanks for doing a great job!

      3. Don’t worry Editor or who ever you may be. The internet affords you walls and walls of protection. You can spew all the rude comments you want and not worry about a thing. Then again, You could show up at the memorial on Tuesday night, Repeat the same words you posted here and let the chips fall where they may.
        Without suggesting violence, If you do decide to follow my suggestion I promise you a life altrering experience. Guarnteed!

    2. Very well said Superman!! I couldn’t agree with you more!! My heart breaks for the loss of Ruger! Regardless of who was at fault, truth of the matter is, he was a great man and didn’t deserve to die. Neither of them did, again regardless of who was at fault and how the accident happened. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family as well as the Top Gunz MC. May the Angels keep you ALL safe when riding…I can not bare the thought of losing someone else.
      With that said, I’ll leave you all with a few of my favorite quotes:
      – Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly. ~Author Unknown
      – Burn rubber, not your soul, baby. ~Craig Fernandez and Reggie Bythewood, Biker Boyz
      – Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul. ~Author Unknown
      RIP Ruger, Top Gunz MC

  2. Just for the record, no one HAS the right of way. The law speaks only about who shall YIELD the right of way. It is up to everyone to protect themselves against those who fail to yield.
    And when someone does something unexpected in front of you, you are supposed to be driving at a speed and in such a way to be able to avoid a crash. That’s the definition of defensive driving.
    If more people knew this or practiced it (the vast majority do the EXACT opposite), everyone would be safer. But people are willing to pay for bad driving with their lives apparently, so not much to be done.

  3. Yes, the police report says mike was speeding. But it also clearly states that liza turned in the Path of the motorcycle. Speeding or not, which by the way could be considered at 5 to 10 miles over the posted limit, she should have definitely stopped. No one ever sees the motorcyclists, and if they do, they dont care. Trust me, I have seen it first hand many times. May they both rest in peace. And may we live in peace, and not sit here trying to blame these two people for what happened. Their families already have alot to deal with.

    1. If he was only 5 or 10 over the speed limit he wouldn’t have flipped the car over after hitting it…and she probably wouldn’t have died if he had been driving that fast…probably more like 30 to 40 over..the poor girl probably couldn’t judge his speed at night…he probably came up on her so fast she had no chance to react..sorry he loses.. if your going to dumb you better be tough….

  4. No one is ever prepared for these kinds of situations and many of us deal with them in very different ways. There is no correct way to grieve, but as a friend of Liza I can tell you that we are so sorry for the loss of Michael Romero. Whether it was one or the other fault both will be missed greatly and may God bless both family and friends. As an end note people make mistakes and whether it was an action, newspaper article or gossip we should never resort to bickering. Remember no one can change the truth we know of how each victims life was lived nor blemish it.

    1. Our family also prays for Liza Renteria..everyone lost in this nightmare and is trying to understand to heal… (Especially the children..May God be with them!)
      The real issue is why hasn’t this area been properly lighted? it’s as dark as the woods at night. Since the crash, I have been to the crashsite every day and have spoken with numerous people who live in that mobile park who say this corner is very dangerous…
      Who is right and who is wrong is not going to bring Liza and Michael back…Lets prevent this from happening to other families. TAKE A STAND TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE instead of hurling rocks from the sideline!

  5. @Laredo – We (Michael’s Family) appreciate your kind words. If you were at the Candlelight vigil, I was the person speaking who saw your family approaching and asked my people to clear the area to give your family respect in your greiving.
    We are ALL affected by this. Who was right and who was wrong is not really important now. In retrospect, fault can be found in both persons actions. What happens now is the healing. We lost a Brother, a father, a son and a good friend. You lost a Sister, a mother, a daughter and a good friend as well.
    My initial comments were directed at the SEVERAL newspapers that have repeated what was in a police report that was filed based on opinion. There were three people that were actually there and the one who is still living is the only account that was EYEWITNESS. Blindly believing what the police say is like believing everything politicians tell you. Make it sound good and move on to the next case…
    @ Editor of Boca News. Next time do your OWN research into what happened. Interview the survivor. Talk to the people like me who were there. Make the effort to make sure you are reporting the truth and not just what some one told you. Police officer or not. If a cop told you the sky was purple, would you report that? I didn’t think so.

  6. It does not matter where .exactly michael from. I can tell you he came from a good family with great manners. Hardworking and honest. Let’s remember him with joy. He walked life with his head up. We will miss him very much.

  7. No matter who was at fault, to blame one or the other is not going to bring either one of them back & tragically the lives of two beloved people have been taken from us too soon!!!!! As a personal friend of Michael Romero who was also a family member of my husband, he is going to be missed very dearly by his children, family & friends!!!! To the family & friends of Liza Renteria, we are very sorry for your loss & we extend our condolences & the upmost deepest sympathy to you all!! We pray that God will give all of us peace, comfort & strength to help us endure the painful loss of our two loved ones…may they both R.I.P.!!!

  8. The information stated above is very incorrect and all the information is also not included in the news story .What
    they did not inform, you was that there were two bikes riding in the opposite direction as Liza when she turned into holiday village to go home. One bike was able to avoid this accident, while the other bike was not so lucky. This also states that he was going excessive speed ,which is an opinion from whomever. Nobody had a radar gun to clock the speed of either the car or the bike, again this is only an opinion. Most of the world has a bad outlook on sport bikers (crotch rockets) and think everyone riding one is speeding and breaking traffic laws because of a few whom they have seen or heard about. We have all lost someone close here and as I read the above comments, I very much agree nothing will change what has already happened. But we can help save another life from this exact same thing happening again. They both have children and god forbid, the kids were present when this happened. As Louis said ,this street is very dark at night. I nearly had a heart attack at the vigil, in the middle of Clark’s speech two cars nearly collided because of the poor lighting on this street. We need to work on correcting this before we have another fatality, instead of placing blame.