NAMES RELEASED: Boca PD Shooting Victim and Officer Involved

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Adam Donohue, Courtesy Facebook.
Adam Donohue, shown with what friends say is a toy gun, on his Facebook page. Donohue was shot and killed by a Boca Raton Police Officer Friday evening after Donohue allegedly mugged a Comcast worker and carjacked a taxi cab driver.

BOCA RATON, FL ( — A former FAU football player, now a Boca Raton Police Officer, shot and killed a current FAU student after an alleged violent struggle and carjacking.
The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office just released the names of the victim and the police officer nearly 72 hours after the Friday night crime spree and killing. made several requests for the names throughout the weekend.
Adam Christian Donohue, 20, a student at Florida Atlantic University, was shot and killed after allegedly carjacking a taxicab. Donohue allegedly failed at carjacking a Comcast worker.
Boca Raton Police Officer Brian Pare in an FAU Football Photo from 2003.
Brian Pare in an FAU Football Photo from 2003.

Donohue, who a background check reveals lived in Iowa, the Tampa area, Boca Raton and Delray Beach, is seen holding a gun in the Facebook photo above. An apparent friend tells that the photo was of Adam playing a video game. There are several photos of him with similar weaponry on his Facebook page. He is a former wrestler and wrote that he is a fan of FAU Rugby.
Donohue has no criminal record in Palm Beach County.
The officer has been identified as Brian Pare. While we are reminded that Florida Statute 119 protects information about active police officers, an FAU Football player with that name who graduated from Spanish River High School and majored in Criminal Justice is featured on this FAU Website.

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28 thoughts on “NAMES RELEASED: Boca PD Shooting Victim and Officer Involved

  1. I knew Adam and he was the sweetest, nicest kid. This photo was of him playing a video game and it was a joke. The family is still trying to figure out how something like this could possibly happen. He was a great kid. Before everyone starts making him out to be a terrible criminal, please be sensitive and know he was someone’s brother/son/uncle and the family is devastated.

  2. I just want the world to know how misleading this picture is!!! First of all, the gun pictured in this photograph is a TOY!!!! This is a picture of a young man playing, not some kind of gun nut. I want to register a sincere protest against the use of the photograph, which portrays this young man as a violent person. I have known Adam since he was a boy and he was in no way violent. This is a prime example of irresponsible journalism.

    1. Jake … unless you were on the scene you have no eyewitness information so stop pretending that you know what happened.
      One cop shot the alleged perp … and the cops are less moronic than you appear to be.

      1. Tomas,
        Jake makes a valid point, unarmed 20 yr old for back up if need be. but fatally shooting an armed young man, who had a bright future ahead of him…
        i had a class with adam, the class was no joke, and adam put his heart into every assignment, an awesome kid, and kind, respectful kid.
        this story doesnt add up.
        want to know what really happened….
        hearts and prayers go out to friends and family

  3. HOW sad, there are SO MANY pictures of Adam on his FB page that you could have shared and YET you pick the ONLY one where if you view them ALL he is CLEARLY PLAYING a game. Is it not HORRIFIC enough that his mother has to bury her child, this is how you lame excuse for reporters choose to TARNISH his memory.

    1. This entire thing is a coverup – How did a college kid hijack a comcast truck at night, and 10 blocks later hijack a cab. And then the reporters make him out to be a pyscho killer (toy gun)
      This kid was 20 yrs old ….. something is being covered up

      1. sorry for your loss … but when did a 20 year old become a kid?
        He was a rather large person and even if he used a ‘toy gun’ it seems obvious that he was engaged in what the law describes as an ‘armed’ criminal conduct. While you’re at it, explain how a police officer is supposed to know that a life threatening weapon is but a toy when it is obviously made to appear as a real gun?
        Wonder how you’d have reacted if it was a threat to you?

      2. I actually knew Adam rather well, and guess who owns that toy? It was someone in the Tampa Bay area far away from Adam in Boca Raton. He was not toting around assault weapons, fake or otherwise. And in the event he was unarmed there are dozens of other countermeasures cops have at their disposal before they have to resort to shooting someone. This article is a misrepresentation of his character, and the real story at large considering it has so few facts. You have been quick to assume Tomas and its made you quick to judge.

      3. hey ian your an idiot this 20 year old ADULT was a CRIMINAL who beat up a cab driver and broke two bone in his face and stole his taxi then assaulted two cops but he was a good kid wake up dumb ass

      4. your clearly a friend of the idiot cop who shot a bright kind young man, no where does it say he was armed. your arrogant, and nieve. adam was a quite and unbelievably nice kid. this story doesnt add up. why shot and kill someone when you can call for back up?
        does this make any sense no
        so stfu

      5. john your idiot the cop had back up and he still fought with them avan after being tasered maybe get the whole pd to stop this drugy he is a CRIMINAL who got what he deserved had it been me no cop needed i would have shot him myself hes a carjacking criminal

      6. Bo just sounds like a rude and belligerent person who refuses to look up any facts on the people the story pertains to. Adam was far from a criminal, he had no criminal record whatsoever, he was an honor student at FAU with sterling grades and a reputation to match. Sorry if you don’t like to see all the facts Bo, but Adam was not a crazed killer. I’m sure something transpired that night that elicited the cops being called, but I think they made a horrible error in judgement when they used live rounds on one of my good friends. I will be interested to see what the investigation turns up.

      7. Some of the comments on this article are so ignorant it’s sad. Why would they pick this photo out of all of the photos? This was a young man playing a video game. As for when he was shot to death, he did not have this toy gun on him. The facts are this, police shot to death an unarmed young man who was an honor student and at FAU on an academic and athletic scholarship. This seems to be a recurring theme (cops killing unarmed victims) where do they find these police who are afraid to deal with situations without using deadly force? It’s pathetic. According to interviews with friends this was his first time ever experimenting with illegal drugs.(Which is more than I can say for Boca and Boynton police officers) This young man was killed when officers were in no way in fear of their lives. He was tasered then shot because one officer freaked out. Fire them all.

  4. SAD and DISTURBING that you pick the ONLY picture of Adam from his FB page that depicts him with a TOY gun and MISREPRESENT it. SHAME ON YOU for discrediting his memory. It is BAD enough his mother has to bury her child, and then you put salt into this wound. BAD reporting!

  5. This picture does not describe the Adam I know. He was playing a video game and taking a picture that at the time we thought was funny. Adam was clearly not in the right state of mind during this episode. This is one of the sweetest and most gentle human beings I’ve met in my life and he was the furthest thing from the animal this article describes him to be.
    R.I.P. Adam

  6. No wonder no one has ever heard of Boca News Now. Out of all the photos to choose from you choose this one. Sad to see a young, unarmed kid get shot by our police. Report the news, dont distort.

    1. Josh … Your comment is absurd. Use of the picture is justified when it was described as being on the deceased’s own website. And if you never heard of this website, how’d you post your comment?

  7. Not a violent person? He mugged or attempted to mug a Comcast worker and then he tried to carjack a taxi cab. I wonder if the suspect was under the influence of anything. Obviously, the kid came from a caring family and is surrounded by loved ones; so what caused him to go on a crime spree?

  8. It is very sad that you would try to call yourselves a “News” agency. Looks more like sensationalistic exploiters. Really “several photos with similar weaponry”. It is the same toy in 3 photos in his facebook profile from 2010!! An unarmed college student with no priors is shot on Friday and they do not even release his name till Monday? You should really be ashamed of yourselves. I am all for finding out what happened, but putting this story out without any REAL investigation is irresponsible!

  9. Adam was one of my best friends. He had one of the strongest characters out of any person i know. He will always be known for his kind hearted acts, his love and his amazing friendship. This was a freak incident where one big mistake turned into the murder of an amazing person. You will always be in my thoughts Adam.

  10. I’m not making judgement because I wasn’t there, so obviously don’t know first hand what happened, but why haven’t the police or the media said that he was using a toy gun or any weapon that night? And if he tazed then wouldn’t he have had to of reached for his weapon after being tazed to warrant being shot? I’m sure the police are very capable, but the story they’re putting out doesn’t make sense

  11. I have known Adams mother for 10 years, and have met Adam several times. He was a great kid, I have no idea the circumstances behind how something this horrible unfolded, but i can tell you that Adam is honestly a great kid. Your choice of pictures really saddens me, very tasteless.
    All I can do is pray for Arlene and her family, Adam will be missed.

  12. Weird how this article says “Crime spree and killing” making it seem like it was Adam the one who killed people when it was actually the cop.
    I know it is days later, but if anyone close to Adam wants some examples of cops shooting an unarmed person on LSD look up George Salgado who was killed in Miami. He died because cops beat him to death after he was handcuffed. If Adam was on LSD this is just more proof that cops think it is justifiable to kill people when they think they are high when in reality it is no different than being drunk.

  13. do you people not get it the pic. doesnt mean anything he is a thief and criminal bottom line who got caught and wanted to fight the police even after being tasered he beat a cab driver and broke two bones in the guys face now what more can you say about adam besides CRIMINAL

    1. The pic actually means a lot Bo. It has already had sway over your opinion of Adam since you first read the article. It helps a subjective viewer who has never heard of or met Adam before to immediately write him off as a criminal nut job and not take a look at all the facts. If he was indeed tripping he was probably terrified and confused. And Adam always was a big guy, this was one of the times that worked against him. If you had ever met him you would know that he was actually a very caring and intelligent person who had no ill will towards anyone (even people he disagreed with). So as you can see Bo the photo actually has a huge and Immediate impact on whoever the reader is, it’s one of the ways journalists guide their reader to the conclusions the article is supposed to lead them to. All major media outlets do it, Fox, NBC, ABC, CNN; take your pick, but remember that images will always carry more power than words.

  14. The fact that you would use THAT picture is deplorable. The news director at “Boca News Now” ought to be ashamed of him/herself. If I was GM of that station, I’d fire whoever decided to use that picture.