Alimony Bill Vetoed, Read Governor Scott's Unedited Letter


BOCA RATON, FL ( — In a move that is surprising family law professionals statewide, Governor Rick Scott Wednesday night vetoed a highly publicized and highly controversial bill that would effectively end permanent alimony.
Those in favor of the bill said it was a smart and effective way to prevent non-working ex-spouses from collecting a handout for the rest of their lives.
Those against the bill said it would unfairly penalize ex-spouses who — while married — may have agreed to scale back their professional life to spend more time parenting, and may find themselves unable to re-enter the workforce, following divorce, at a salary that would continue their quality of life.
Governor Rick Scott agreed with the latter, writing a strongly worded letter to the president of the Florida Senate.
Read the letter, in its entirety, here.