ONLY IN BOCA: Teens Steal Sushi From Whole Foods

Boca Business News

BOCA RATON, FL ( — Say what you will about shoplifting, but in Boca Raton, even kids who resort to theft are grounded enough to eat well.

Case in point: Boca Police tell us that 18-year-old Matthew Shandell and three juveniles are accused of stealing “shushi packs” from Whole Foods Market on Glades Road, just east of I-95. Sure, they also allegedly stole four candy bars and three bags of chips, but it's the sushi that pushed the tab over $41.

The store manager apparently saw it all happen and called the cops. He ultimately decided not to prosecute — and even got the food back before the kids dug in. Police, however, wanted to make a point and charged the four with tresspass.