Sexual Predator Calls Delray Beach Home

sexual predator David Rincon
David Rincon is a Sexual Predator now living in Delray Beach.

DELRAY BEACH, FL ( — A “sexual predator” is calling Delray Beach home. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office this morning transmitted the following alert concerning David Rincon.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is advising the public about a declared Sexual Predator, David Rincon, Date of Birth: 8/22/67, who is now residing at 2113 NE 3rd Ave, Delray Beach FL. Detective Wood of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office verified this address.

On January 27, 2005, Circuit Court Judge of Palm Beach County, Florida declared David Rincon to be a Sexual Predator pursuant to Florida Statue 775.21(4).

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of notifying all licensed day care centers located within one-mile radius of Rincon’s residence.

The following is a description of David Rincon:

ALIAS: n/a

SEX: Male

RACE: White

D.O.B.: 8/22/67

HEIGHT: 5’08”

WEIGHT: 187 lbs

HAIR: Black

EYES: Hazel

RESIDENCE: 2113 NE 3rd Ave

Delray Beach, FL 33444