MALL COPS: Mall Security Calls Cops Over Sharpie


BOCA RATON, FL ( — Don't knock security at Boca Raton's Town Center Mall. The sedgway-driving uniformed “mall cops” made quite a discovery earlier this week which we just learned led to a response by the Boca Raton Police Department.

Mall security — perhaps accidentally, perhaps using their law enforcement training — stumbled upon some sort of writing on two pillars in the Bloomingdale's parking garage.

We don't know if CSI:TownCenterMall used high tech equipment to investigate the “writing” or determine if it was some sort of secret message dating back to the 1800s, but according to a police report, it was a “black marker, possibly a sharpie.”

How they determined it was “possibly a sharpie” we'll never know. We also don't know if investigators will now track down everyone who purchased a black Sharpie recently around Boca Raton to determine who is responsible.

We hear your question, readers: “why not look at surveillance video? Certainly there must be surveillance video in the parking garages at Boca Raton Town Center Mall!”

But as we reported in August following a car burglary, the garage cameras cover just a small part of the mall's parking area — and apparently are never pointing where crime or vandalism takes place.