Boca's Beverly Levine, 85, Jailed On Homicide Charge


Beverly Levine Boca Raton
Beverly Levine, Courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.
BOCA RATON, FL ( — Beverly Levine, an 85 year old Boca Raton woman from the 18000 block of Stewart Circle, is in the Palm Beach Couty Jail Monday night charged with a derivative of a homicide charge. 
Levine was cuffed by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office which charged her with “Homicide — commit felony act (that) could cause death,” “Aggravated Battery — person uses a deadly weapons,” and “Aggravated Assualt — weapon — with deadly weapon without intent to kill.”
To be clear, despite the “homicide” language used in the charging documents, it does not appear that police are alleging Levine killed anyone. It was not immediately clear who she may have allegedly attempted to kill. 
She is being held without bond.