BOCA RUDETON: Lexus Driver Ponders Prius Parking Problem Near Boca Grove

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A Boca Rudeton™ reader wonders why this Prius is parked so close to her Lexus.

BOCA RATON, FL ( — We love our readers! Here is a reader submission for Boca Rudeton™, our frequent look at the rude among us in Boca Raton. Here’s what we received:
“I was parked in a spot in the Parking lot for several stores off PowerLine Road in the Boca Grove shopping center for 2 hours while having my hair done at Raspberries on Thursday January 12. My appointment was at noon.  By 2:15 I walked out to get in the car to see someone had literally blocked me so close, there was just no way I could open my front door enough to squeeze through without hitting their car and damaging either. I waited 10 minutes before having to climb through the passenger side over the counsel and shifter.  I am not a young chickadee anymore (60 ).  It was very rude and selfish of this Prius owner.”
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