Hey Via Addison Starbucks, Why Is It Okay For This Dog To Slobber On A Seat?


slobbering dog boca raton delray beach starbucks
This dog was left to slobber on a chair in Starbucks at Via Addison in Delray — just across from Morkiami Park.

DELRAY BEACH, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — Is Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) at Via Addison on Jog Road in Delray Beach a clean store and sanitary for food? We have to wonder after watching this dog slobber on a chair while its owner was doing something else. The dog does not appear to be a service dog. In fact, it does not appear to be wearing a collar.
If you plan to sit in the Starbucks at Via Addison — directly across from Morikami Park — you may want to avoid the chair against the wall, next to the window.
It’s unclear why management permits this dog in the store. While Starbucks as a corporate policy welcomes service animals, there is no indication that this dog has any service training whatsoever. No vest. No collar. No papers. No vest. While cute, it’s apparently just a slobbering dog leaving its bacteria and who knows what else on a chair that will be used by humans throughout the day.
Service dog starbucks boca raton delray jog road via addison
This dog doesn’t appear to be a service dog, nor is it wearing a collar or vest claiming service dog status. So why is it in Starbucks at Via Addison, across from Morkiami Park in Delray Beach?