CORONAVIRUS: Palm Beach Schools Planning For Potential Closures

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No need for closures now. Still no cases in Palm Beach County.

BOCA RATON, FL ( — To be clear: There is no need to close Palm Beach County schools at this point. There are no reported cases of Coronovirus in Palm Beach County. But in a publicly televised meeting with health officials and Palm Beach County Commissioners, Superintendent Donald Fennoy said Tuesday that the goal of any closure would be keep it as small as possible — focusing on only schools involved, not the entire Palm Beach County School District.

Fennoy also said that the District would figure out a way to distribute meals to those who rely on the school system to eat — more than 60 percent of students in the school district received reduced, subsidized, or free lunch.

According to Fennoy, school district officials are working on “exercises” to deal with a potential outbreak. Spring Break starts in just over a week and there is concern that families or teachers could become exposed to Coronavirus as they travel out of the area.

To repeat, however: there is no need to close schools at this point. This is for planning and preparation, not — for now — action.