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eagles landing camp

BY: ANDREW COLTON | Editor and Publisher

COCONUT CREEK, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — Eagles Landing And The Night Owls, a day and overnight camp operating out of North Broward Preparatory School, has shut down for the summer due to COVID-19 infections. The shutdown decision was made by the camp.

Camp owner/director Matt Cannold, and another adult, have both tested positive for COVID-19 within the past week according to multiple sources. It was not immediately clear if any children had tested positive for COVID. BocaNewsNow.com last week published photos that Eagles Landing Camp had placed on public social media channels, showing children not socially distancing. The email announcing Cannold’s positive test is here.

The shutdown follows exclusive BocaNewsNow.com reporting concerning as many as 15 complaints logged in the online Broward County COVID-19 business violation tracking system. The complaints led to several social distancing, facial covering and other violations documented by the City of Coconut Creek in an inspection a week ago. A subsequent inspection days later showed improvement, according to Coconut Creek officials, but unannounced follow-up inspections were expected for the rest of the summer.

The violations were documented by the City of Coconut Creek in this report.

BocaNewsNow.com has received multiple threats from parents — both online and privately — for reporting what they called “fake news.”

BocaNewsNow.com has received multiple threats from parents — both online and privately — for reporting what they called “fake news.”

This was written in the official City of Coconut Creek Inspection Report:

“Overall, Eagles Landing is a High Risk. Broward County Administrator’s 20-15, Attachment 16, defines High Risk as a summer camp where campers mix between groups and do not remain spaced apart”

“The City of Coconut Creek is obviously very concerned about the complaints that were entered into the Broward County COVID-19 Business Complaint system,” said Coconut Creek City Manager Karen Brooks to BocaNewsNow.com. “In the case of the Eagles Landing Camp, some of the complaints we received were observed upon inspection while others could not be substantiated.  Nevertheless, we issued warnings on all of the complaints so that they were aware of the information we were receiving.”

Owner/Director Matt Cannold, who frequently emailed BocaNewsNow.com in the run up to camp — explaining how safe it would be — has not responded to multiple emails after complaints were logged. He did not respond to an email concerning the camp’s closure Saturday night.

North Broward Preparatory School, where Eagles Landing has been based for decades, took a proactive public relations position last week when BocaNewsNow.com asked about the alleged violation of the schools tenant.

“Eagles Landing Camps (ELC) operates each year on the campus of North Broward Preparatory School during the summer months,” said Head Of School Bruce Fawcett exclusively to BocaNewsNow.com. “After recent inspections by the City of Coconut Creek, the school has been working with both the City and members of the ELC team to support the camp as they work to meet the regulations established by Broward County Administrator’s Emergency Order 20-12, Attachment 16.”

Parents tell BocaNewsNow.com that the camp is shut down for the remainder of the summer.

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  1. How come you dont report they passed the CDC visit and had all clear from them to operate. And the people in question were not even on campus. Please report the correct news.

    1. The pictures that ELC, themselves, posted alone show that they were not following guidelines and being careful. Groups of people with arms around each other, not wearing masks. Right there. That’s enough evidence.

    2. Please get your facts right. The swim director had a cough for days and the owner was a lineup a few times, even being told to pull his mask up over his chin by Nurse Judy. That is the correct news and I regret ever allowing my child to work there. I am glad they closed.

  2. Maybe you should fact check your story first? If you knew anything whatsoever, you would know that ELC passed two inspections conducted by the CDC within the past week. Don’t attack Matt Cannold and ELC as a whole if you really don’t know anything at all.

    ED NOTE: The CDC doesn’t inspect. The City of Coconut Creek — in an inspection involving City and County officials, as well as the police — found several violations. Inspectors returned a few days later and found the major violations have been taken care of, but planned to conduct several more inspections over the next several weeks. Perhaps you should fact check.

  3. As a parent of a student in the upper school I am completely embarrassed about this whole situation. Even though the camp is separate from the school all I hear about from my friends and neighbors is “the covid disaster” and “all those citations at North Broward’s camp”. This is supposed to be a respected school with a reputation for excellence. The whole situation is shameful and they never should have opened! I also know that several teachers and administrators have their children at this camp. Since they apparently chose to look the other way when it came to compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, I am very fearful for what lies ahead for our students. Such poor judgement! I hope the inspectors from Coconut Creek will continue to monitor the campus moving forward. How are we to have confidence in the school now?

  4. For those saying they were not on campus: They were before being tested. Just accept that they tried to open and it was a risky move in the current situation.

  5. We received the letter. While my child is sad about not seeing her friends anymore, my heart hurts for the poor man who is sick and they identified him in the letter. It was a classless move. It should have just said staff member. He deserves some privacy. They might not have said his name directly, but gave enough details to figure it out.

  6. From the internet July 3, 2020 (cnbc)The American Camp Association notes 62% of camps across the US are closed due to covid. More have closed since then. How did Eagles Landing think they could beat the virus with employees and campers going home daily or Friday (sleep away camp)? You turned the other cheek and denied the reality of what’s going on, much like President Trump. Florida is the new hot bed. That’s not something to brag about. Thankfully private schools are opening at the parents discretion to attend in person or virtually. Matt Cannold, Tracy and Brian Cicconni are year round employees. We understand you have two children to support in your lush Bridges home, in addition to private school tuition for North Broward Prepratory. Shame on the parents for sending their kids thinking they were impervious!

  7. I’m sorry, but is anyone shocked by this mess? The camps with any credibility did not open. Look on Yelp and Google reviews, Matt Cannold and his daughter both reviewed the camp. What other owner has to plant reviews? None. This camp opened to capitalize on the others’ closing, did not have the means to keep people safe, and then continued to stay open even after Cannold got the virus. That speaks volumes.

    1. It might actually be what they are now doing opening the school for face to face instruction (not the camp) while public schools are going virtual!!! They are indeed trying to capitalize on others’ closing – what about safety for students and employees????