bethesda west hospital
bethesda west hospital

BOCA RATON, FL ( — The area ICU bed report just went from bad to worse, according to the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration. This data is accurate as of 7:31 p.m. on July 20, 2020.

There are 624 people hospitalized for COVID-19 in Palm Beach County, representing 21.52 percent of all hospital beds in Palm Beach County.

WEST BOCA MEDICAL CENTER: NO available adult ICU beds. 16 are in use. 5 available pediatric ICU beds, none are in use.

BETHESDA WEST MEDICAL CENTER: NO available ICU beds. 10 are in use. The hospital does not report pediatric ICU beds.

DELRAY MEDICAL CENTER: 12 Adult ICU beds available, 42 are in use. The hospital does not report pediatric ICU beds.

BOCA RATON REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER: 14 Adult ICU beds are available. 27 are in use. The hospital does not report pediatric ICU beds.

BETHESDA EAST: 12 Available Adult ICU beds. 27 are in use. The hospital reports 3 pediatric beds are available. None are in use.

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  1. How many of the ICU beds are occupied by covid patients?????? I see you conveniently don’t tell this fact. You try to give the impression all are covid.
    Terrible article. Who ever wrote it couldn’t pass 7th grade English. Your numbers dont add up.

    ED NOTE: Kathy, you clearly are a COVID denier. If you don’t like the numbers released by the State of Florida, you should take it up with Governor DeSantis. The Agency for Healthcare Administration is releasing numbers in real time. The agency releases total COVID-19 hospital count, which in Palm Beach County is roughly 21.5%, total ICU bed count, but not how many people are specifically in ICU’s for COVID. Do you use name brand tinfoil on your head, or do you try to save by using the generic tin foil? We would suggest paying a little more for the name brand, you may find your thoughts suddenly become higher quality.

  2. Your nasty reply still doesn’t answer the question. Could it be because you don’t have the answer? How many of those patients in ICU Are Covid ? It’s a simple question.
    Do your research.

    1. —-
      ED NOTE: Crazy is alive and well this morning! Yet again for those slow to follow: the State of Florida releases what the State of Florida chooses to release. That being said, if you’re in a car crash and taken to a hospital with no ICU beds, does it really matter why the beds are full? As you bleed out, gasp for air, and watch your life flash before your eyes as images of your children and maybe grandchildren occupy your final thoughts, you can die comfortably knowing that not every bed being used in the ICU that can’t care for you is occupied by someone with COVID, because COVID, of course, is all made up.

  3. It would not be a stretch to say that pre-pandemic we never had an ICU at 100% capacity. Pure and simple. Let’s say worst case 50% are COVID and 50% are non-COVID. So what? This is a problem that clearly never should have been allowed to get out of hand by state and federal leadership. If even the private schools are allowed to reopen in South Florida, expect a huge spike of cases in the tri-county area. If public opens and cases are not close to zero, cemeteries will be the next thing at full capacity.

    1. Pre pandemic the ICUs did get full. There is a constant awareness and reporting throughout the day of surgical patients we expect to need ICU post op, patients not doing well on the floors, codes, patients that potentially can be downgraded and moved to a floor if we need to, and lastly staffing. Not uncommon for an ICU to be full. At all.

  4. Not a Journalist LIAR

    There was a time when Journalists reported the news and didn’t try to create it, A time when Journalists had INTEGRITY and knew right from wrong. Those days are long gone as MSM politically motivated hacks only agenda is to scream TRUMP at the top of their lungs. We are sick of the media lies and we are sick of slanted reporting to try and sensationalize every story .

    The editor is showing just how unprofessional he or she is with their juvenile response to readers, Its why people no longer have ANY RESPECT for your proffesion.

    ED NOTE: Wait, so facts from the State of Florida are fake? What would Gov. DeSantis say about your position? Doesn’t that violate the crazy conservative talkingpoint memo? Also, your spelling is great. You are quite a “Proffesional.”

    If you want to present a well thought out opinion or perspective, feel free to do so. But you can’t do that if you are acting like a stereotype.