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BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — The Florida COVID-19 death count increased by 179 on Friday through 11:59 p.m., according to the Florida Dept. of Health. The infection count increased by 9,658. The positivity rate for Florida on Friday is 11.08 percent. Note that several testing locations closed as early as Thursday due to Hurricane Isaias. Expect numbers to be somewhat atypical for the next few days.

Note that several testing locations closed as early as Thursday due to Hurricane Isaias. Expect numbers to be somewhat atypical for the next few days.

In Palm Beach County, another 18 deaths were added to the COVID-19 books on Friday through 11:59 p.m. 581 infections were added. The positivity rate for Palm Beach County for Friday’s reporting is 12.96 percent. We note that number comes directly from the Palm Beach County Operations Center as it appears the number released from Florida DOH for Palm Beach County is being altered. (The State of Florida says it’s 8.8-percent). Simply put: Florida’s version of the positivity rate for Palm Beach County has been dramatically lower than the number released by Palm Beach County starting at roughly the time the Palm Beach County School Board voted to start the school year with distance learning.

Statewide, there are now 480,028 COVID-19 infections with 7,022 deaths. In Palm Beach County, at leas 33,854 are infected with 833 deaths.

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  1. I have decided to unfollow bocatrashnow after your sarcastic ass titles for this.. (BocaNewsNow), there’s a special place in hell for people like you.
    Ed. Note: We’re not the ones killing people. A simple mask mandate in the State of Florida could help #KeepBubbieAlive

    1. This is the most insensitive disgusting headline ever. What were you thinking? Jokingly referring to the deaths of Jewish grandmothers thus way. Shame on you

      ED. NOTE: We think what you meant to say is that it’s outrageous that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cares so little about life of his constituents — both Jewish and and non-Jewish — that he refuses to put orders in place that could keep more people alive. But yes, blame the media for reporting reality. #KeepBubbieAlive

  2. This headline is pitiful. Regardless of what’s in your article what exactly do you mean by Bye Bye Bubbies!? I’d love to hear your answer. I am unsure the data suggests we should be excited our bubbies are dying or if the young people Who are on life support would agree

    ED NOTE: Les, you should share your thoughts with Gov. Ron DeSantis who apparently couldn’t care less about your Bubbie or anyone else. Tell him you want a mask mandate in Florida that is punishable by high fines and jail. That’s how we all #KeepBubbieAlive

  3. This headline is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves for running it.

    ED NOTE: You should take it up with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Tell him that you want to #KeepBubbieAlive

  4. Very insensitive headline

    ED NOTE: Perhaps what you meant is that it’s insensitive that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and President Donald Trump refuse to issue mask mandates that could #KeepBubbieAlive

    1. No im a doctor in South Florida watching covid patients die everyday.. extremely insensitive title regardless of government policies..

  5. Your headline is just wrong! Issue an apology immediately.
    Ed. Note: Perhaps Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis should issue an apology for letting so many Bubbies die. If he did his job, he could #KeepBubbieAlive

  6. This is beyond vile. What is wrong with you. How could any rational mind think this was an acceptable way to announce the sad news that more People have needlessly died from this dreaded virus. This headline needs to be retracted. Shame on your callousness and stupidity

    ED NOTE: Take it up with Gov. DeSantis. A simple mask order would do wonders. We all must work together to #KeepBubbieAlive.

    1. This is apparently your standard response to people concerns over your poor choice of words. As much as I am no fan of desantis he did not publish this offensive headline, you did. Take ownership of that
      ED NOTE: We’re proud of the headline. We’re not proud that we had to write the headline. If the Governor did his job, Bubbies everywhere would be alive.

  7. So happy to live in Canada where we Bubbies are safe! (After solving the initial hit on convalescent homes.)

  8. The headline is ACCURATE Folks

    The GOP are much more concerned on how they look then how you live

    If you don’t like getting “Wake Up Calls”, which is exactly what the Headline IS!, Then you need to get off your Duffs and start screaming at The Governor and all the GOP’s Nasty little Lying henchmen that ALL the Lying needs to Stop and Forward Action is all that will be Tolerated

    Pretending the Pandemic is over Doesn’t make Covid-19 go away, it just get’s PEOPLE DEAD !