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SEVEN BRIDGES FEDERAL LAWSUIT: Homeowner Tells Court She Wasn’t All That Bad

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Attorney For Rachel Tannenholz Files Federal Response, Acknowledges Allegations But Says They Weren’t “Atrocious”

DELRAY BEACH, FL ( — The drama over the federal lawsuits in the Delray Beach community of Seven Bridges continues to unfold through federal filings.

One homeowner is suing another — and the HOA — in federal court, while a separate suit has been filed in state court.

The latest filing reads like The Bachelor, Survivor, Real Housewives and Judge Judy all merged into one reality show. Join us as we recap what’s happened so far. As we do not have videotape to document each claim, we are excessively using words like “alleged” and “claimed.”


Episode 1: Seven Bridges homeowner Deborah LaGrasso claims her children were verbally assaulted and bullied by several woman who apparently asserted that they had exclusive use of the Seven Bridges tennis courts. Ms. LaGrasso allegedly confronted the women. She is accused of initiating a physical altercation.

Episode 2: Ms. LaGrasso, allegedly angry about the altercation, launched a Facebook page where she seemingly exercised her First Amendment rights and complained about others in Seven Bridges. She is also accused of writing not nice things about the Board of Directors and making anti-semitic posts.

Episode 3: Either simultaneously, at roughly the same time, or at a completely different time depending on what court filing you’re reading: a homeowner by the name of Rachel Tannenholz allegedly initiated a campaign suggesting that Ms. LaGrasso and her family move from Seven Bridges. The campaign allegedly targeted Ms. LaGrasso for NOT being Jewish. She is accused of communicating through Facebook posts, telephone calls, and in-person harassment. Ms. LaGrasso sought a restraining order against Ms. Tannenholz. We’ll come back to this episode in just a moment. There’s a twist.

Episode 4: The Seven Bridges HOA sanctioned and fined Ms. LaGrasso, as well as prohibited her family from using certain HOA resources. Her conduct and Facebook posts were cited as reasons. Ms. LaGrasso claimed that Ms. Tannenholz’ husband was a board member who voted on sanctioning Ms. LaGrasso. The Seven Bridges HOA maintains that this is not true. The attorney for the Seven Bridges HOA did not address this discrepancy in a separate filing on behalf of the HOA.

Episode 5: Ms. LaGrasso sues the HOA and Ms. Tannenholz in federal court. Among the claims, the HOA violated federal housing laws which prohibit discrimination when it sanctioned her but took no action against Ms. Tannenholz.

But remember how we said we’d come back to Episode 3? Here’s why. Boca Raton Attorney Debra Klingsberg, representing Rachel Tannenholz, has taken the unique approach of acknowledging the allegations against Ms. Tannenholz in seeking to have the case kicked.

“Even taking every statement and action attributed to Tannenholz as true, this alleged conduct is not such that it ‘goes beyond all possible bounds of decency and is regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community.”

Ms. Klingsberg then lists everything her client, Rachel Tannenholz, is alleged to have done:

a comment on Deborah’s Facebook page saying “move out you stupid Shikska”; a May 18 text to Deborah stating “[b]usted . . . [s]ooo busted . . . I suggest you follow the real 7b residents page and you will see your name plastered on there”; a May 18 text to Deborah stating “Wassup Deborah . . . looking for a designer you available”;

a comment on another Facebook page stating “[s]o apparently there is this new page up that is bashing the [Seven Bridges] community and the owner of it is a true anti Semite. After much research, it was found that the page is owned by a Deborah LaGrasso that lives on Labelle Court”;

a May 18 visit to plaintiffs’ home where Tannenholz allegedly repeatedly rang the doorbell and knocked loudly on the front door yelling “come outside”;

a May 19 drive by plaintiffs’ home during which “move out, bitch” was yelled; and

a May 20 telephone call between Deborah and Tannenholz during which Tannenholz allegedly stated “you moved in somewhere which is 80% Jewish and you do not belong here,” “move to a Klan neighborhood, that’s where you need to move to a white supremacist area,” “If I was hated as much as you I would move out,” “I would not want to live where I could not walk out with everybody looking at me like I’m fucking crazy and that is the current situation whether you like it or not,” Move the fuck out. It’s over for you”.

Of course, an entire filing must be read in context, so we are publishing the whole document, below. The action continues in federal court. We’ll update when the next episode is ready. Read all previous editions here.


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