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FIRE FENNOY? Palm Beach County School Board Has Power To Ax Superintendent

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BOCA RATON, FL ( — Members of the Palm Beach County School Board are apparently so annoyed with school superintendent Dr. Donald Fennoy that an effort may be made to remove him from his post.

The school board does not need “cause” to fire Fennoy from his $290,000 a year job. We have published his complete contract, below.

Fennoy came under fire at a school board meeting last week when it was revealed that the school district has failed to develop a workable COVID-19 plan for students and teachers. It’s so bad that after weeks of telling the community that schools would open for in-person learning just a week after Palm Beach County itself moved to “phase 2,” Fennoy sought an extension. That extension was granted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

It’s so bad that after weeks of telling the community that schools would open for in-person learning just a week after Palm Beach County itself moved to “phase 2,” Fennoy sought an extension. That extension was granted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

While COVID-19 planning should have been underway over the summer, Fennoy’s top lieutenants: Keith Oswald (Deputy Superintendent), Dr. Peter Licata (Regional Superintendent) and Dr. Gonzalo LaCava (Human Resources) were all vying for the school superintendent job in Sarasota County. It’s unclear how much of their attention was focused on the process which required multiple interviews. The Sarasota County School Board hired another candidate.

Among the issues facing Palm Beach County: education continuity, teacher staffing for remote and in-person education, and physical school preparation. These issues all fall under the purviews of Fennoy, Licata, Lacava and Oswald.

Just two weeks from schools opening for in-person education, there is no plan for teachers who wish to teach remotely due to health or other reasons, there is a significant lack of PPE for students and teachers, there is no one checking KN95 mask donations made by community members to determine if they’re on the FDA’s “banned” list, there is no universal lunch room plan, there is no plan to socially distance children on school buses, and plexiglass dividers are largely absent from schools.

There are also several reports from teachers and bus drivers that the school district is out of disinfectant. The school system must use “approved” cleaners — not off the shelf items found in “big box” stores.

“This is not a school district ready to prevent COVID-19 spread,” said a school official with knowledge of the situation. “This is a slow moving disaster in the making.” has learned from several people familiar with the situation that at least some board members are privately “fuming” at Fennoy’s lack of preparedness. His comment last week suggesting that it’s okay because this is “new to all of us” only made the situation worse.

“His job is to prepare,” said a source. “He’s failing.”

Fennoy’s complete employment contract is below. This one paragraph is key. It gives the Board the ability to fire him at any time, for any reason.

TERMINATION WITHOUT CAUSE. BOARD may dismiss SUPERINTENDENT, by a super-majority vote of the entire seven-member BOARD (defined as a minimum of five (5) votes), during the term of the AGREEMENT without cause. The Board agenda item to consider the termination without cause shall be publicly noticed at least five (5) business days in advance (i.e. at a minimum, notice will be given on Thursday for an agenda item on the meeting for the following Wednesday). In the event of such termination without cause, SUPERINTENDENT may: (i) waive all rights to contest or challenge BOARD’s decision and, in consideration of such waiver, will accept a lump sum amount, calculated as of the effective date of BOARD’s termination, equal to twenty (20) weeks salary, (“Severance Pay”) plus accrued sick and annual leave, and such other benefits required by law, in full satisfaction of BOARD’s obligations hereunder and otherwise and in full release of any and all claims against BOARD under this AGREEMENT or otherwise, to the maximum extent allowable by law; or (ii) exercise his right to challenge as set forth herein. In the event SUPERINTENDENT challenges the termination, Severance Pay shall be withheld until the resolution of the dispute and/or litigation and paid out according to an agreed settlement or judgment.

There is currently NO item regarding Dr. Fennoy’s employment on any pending Palm Beach County School Board meeting agenda.


Are Palm Beach County Schools Open For In-Person Learning?

Palm Beach County schools open for in-person learning on September 21st, 2020. There is significant concern that under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Donald Fennoy, the district is not ready to safely manage students and teachers in the midst of COVID-19.

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11 thoughts on “FIRE FENNOY? Palm Beach County School Board Has Power To Ax Superintendent

  1. And this is why you put fanily first. When his wife’s parent’s died, he didn’t go. He chose to focus on his job and look what they are doing to say “thank you”. Shameful!

  2. Dr. Fennoy has always been a top notch professional who I believe genuinely cares about his teachers and students. As a teacher in this district I have to admit that I have deep reservations about the safety of returning to school but do not feel blaming or pointing the finger at a single person is fair. I don’t think any of us expected to enter phase two so quickly. It is very difficult to make a plan when the data collected from COVID testing is unreliable. There is a strong push to to get on with business as usual. These times are unusual to say the least.

  3. This is what happens when you are honest and god fearing the bureaucrats want to make an example of you! This is because of the money involved. When your paycheck is so high they expect you to be their puppet. When you act on your own decisions and show them you have a mind of your own you will suffer the repercussions! Stick to your guns Dr. Fennoy!

  4. So the President of the United States and his administration haven’t been prepared since March what’s their excuse??? Betsy Devos is the education secretary and she told all of us in this Country she nor the administration has a national plan for school reopening🤔.So it’s starts at the top with the administration.The bigger question that should be asked is why BETSY DEVOS our secretary of education has NO NATIONAL PLAN to reopen schools.Its plain in simple to me.You can’t use Fennoy as scapegoat he has NO NATIONAL PLAN TO FOLLOW.Now if this is undercover anger for how much he gets paid the school board and council agreed on his Salary “it is what it is” as we have heard that one before.

  5. with 2 kids in PBC schools I was pleasantly surprised with their distance learning program so far this year. Why is Boca news trying to create controversy out of this? Shameful “reporting.”
    Jim, we are in agreement that distance learning is spectacular this year for many. The controversy is over a lack of in-school planning. The Sun Sentinel today has a different, yet similarly themed, article. Fennoy and his administration are universally being panned. Shameful is a word better used for parents who do not want safety for their children, or are choosing to look the other way so they can send their kids back without feeling guilty.

  6. I think they were planning on 18 weeks of distance learning only… they have had 5 months to prepare for a return to school buildings but chose not to.

  7. This reporting on Dr. Fennoy exposes only the tip of an iceberg of his leadership failures. Dig deeper and there you will find evidence of his cronyism, malfeasance and other unacceptable behaviors. Good riddance.

  8. They better not. It looks like this article is trying to start some mess. Fennoy had a good plan. The Governor said no. Now we are where we are. Its not Fennoy we should be firing. The people who put us in this position live in DC and Tallahassee.

  9. I think Dr.Fenoy was not planning on the surveys coming in positive for kids returning to school. May have been caught without a swimsuit at low tide. Fail to plan, plan to fail. However I will give a pass on the fact that no one knew what we were up against until summer.

  10. Brandi Bulgin is right. It starts at the very top.They failed the most and here we are. Instead of blaming Dr. Fennoy blame the right people. Donald Trump and Ron Desanntis