costco facial coverings boca Reminder: Facial coverings needs to cover a nose, not just a mouth.

THE NOSE KNOWS: No Nose Coverings At Boca Raton Costco

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BOCA RATON, FL ( — With thanks to the reader who sent this in after a trip to a Boca Raton area Costco, there continues to be a subsection of the general public that believes wearing a mask over just your mouth is fine. It’s not. Let’s discuss.

Wearing a facial covering over your mouth but not your nose is like only covering a container of milk with a piece of tape — on half of the spout — then turning it upside down.

If you want to sound like a 5 year old, it’s like a submarine with screen doors.

If you don’t want the five year old in the first place, it’s like — to paraphrase Dr. Alina Alonso of the Florida Dept. of Health — wearing birth control incorrectly.

The end result is the same in each case. You may end up with something you’re not expecting. In the case of a facial covering, you may end up giving someone something they’re not expecting.

The Palm Beach County executive order requiring facial coverings mandates both mouth and nose are covered. Fines can hit $100. Businesses permitting people to wear facial coverings incorrectly could face a fine up to $15,000.

And yes, we are sure that you can buy facial coverings that look like the fatigues the women above are examining.

We remind our readers: there’s no expectation of privacy in a public place. Don’t want to be seen here? Don’t be rude here! (And wear your facial covering!) Email news (at) We are still accepting “Boca Rudeton™ submissions during the pandemic).



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29 thoughts on “THE NOSE KNOWS: No Nose Coverings At Boca Raton Costco

    1. Lmao wow who cares. Get over it.

      No one cares. Except the families and friends of the 12,326 Floridians who have died from COVID-19.

    2. Worse at LA Fitness beracasa way in boca raton…lots of members without masks. Even signs posted on front entrance stating mandatory facial coverings required. Bad management.

      1. Call the Police…those patrons & management are in violation of the law. You don’t want to be dead person number 191,009.

    3. Is it legal to post pictures of these people without their consent???
      Ed. Note: There is no expectation of privacy in a public place. Of course, following the law would reduce the likelihood of being photographed by citizens who are following the law.

  1. This woman should be fined and Nazi anything is inappropriate and disgusting.. Go back under the rock you crawled out from under

  2. I saw the same thing at Home Depot on Jog & Atlantic & thought how nice people are to allow seniors like me to be one sneeze away from contracting death!

  3. Numbered of infected do not warrant the infringement of liberties.

    If your concerned that your a risk wear a mask.

    But no one has a right to make me wear one.

    Will never submit to a MANDATE of anything.

    That applies to insurance and anything being enforced by FORCE.

    1. God are you selfish….your rights completely end where my health begins. Period. Full Stop. End of Story.

      It is illegal to put me in harm’s way.

      Don’t worry, when your boy gets re-elected I am sure he will pass a law telling people in ill-health like me don’t count, don’t matter and you shouldn’t care.

      Selfish jerk. Hopefully you don’t have kids to whom you teach this narcissism (look this word up)

    2. PLEASE DISOBEY THE LAW, then you won’t be infecting us intelligent guys with your viruses/stupidity.
      Obeying the law is NOT an infringement of your rights in a Democracy. Disobeying the law is an infringement on the rights of law abiding citizens.

    3. You accept the mandate of wearing a shirt and shoes to enter the store. Why is a mask any different? The sooner everyone just wears a mask, the sooner no one will have to.

      Don’t be so thick and self-centered.

    4. It says no shirt no shoes no service it’s been around forever is it infringing on your rights no it’s protecting your health and safety

    5. Dear Sir, FYI: the mandated facial mask does not protect the person wearing it but helps to curbs the virus particles that person sheds upon OTHERS!! This is not about politics or Liberty it’s about common courtesy & a collective effort to control a DEADLY VIRUS!!!!. No one is taking away anybody’s liberties it’s a temporary inconvenience for the greater good.! And as far as those who’s vanity is more important you shouldn’t go out in the public.!!!

      1. They should also carry a notarized statement that they will relinquish a ventilator to another person since they believe the virus is a hoax or wearing a mask is an infringement of their rights.

  4. Worse, the waiter at the restaurant at lake worth beach, Viva La Playa. Seriously, the waiter? And, he hovered, with his mask under his nose, while we were eating. And then he wondered why I didn’t tip 20%. Won’t be eating there again! Too bad…. Nice overpriced place.

  5. I am 69, Dad is 93. And we have continued to live free from mandates and such the whole time. The panic and fear in the general population is a lot scarier and high risk than this virus. We have seen the videos of people loosing their minds !

  6. How about Walgreens on St. Andrews? Masks are not being enforced and my son who worked there was specifically told NOT to tell customers to put on masks.

  7. I don’t wear a mask in any stores and I never will.
    Anyone with two brain cells to rub together realizes that only idiots wear mask!

  8. Funny. I saw these (2) girls entering Walmart on Palmetto and 441 around 6pm yesterday. She was wearing same outfit. I was behind her entering the store as she placed on her Bandana. How many places did she infect yesterday….

  9. My comment is WTF!!!! Anyone who wears their mask inappropriately or as a chin guard is super selfish!
    We are never going to get rid of Covid with so many “stupid” f-ing people on this earth!

  10. CoVID hystetia will disappear on or about Nov. 4th. Remember when getting rid of net neutrality was gonna kill us all?

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