florida governor ron desantis

DESANTIS DELUSIONAL? Florida Passes 14K Deaths, Approaches 700,000 COVID Infections

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florida governor ron desantis

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — Just hours after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered the entire state to “phase 3” of his reopening plan, Florida passed the 14,000 death mark and came closer to 700,000 COVID-19 infections.

According to the Florida Department of Health, the state logged 107 new deaths on Friday though 11:59 p.m. with 2,791 new COVID-19 infections. In Palm Beach County, 5 new deaths were logged with 162 new infections.

Florida has now recorded 698,682 COVID-19 cases with 14,022 deaths.

DeSantis’ order to Phase 3 came with a mandate that local municipalities can NOT fine individual citizens for not wearing masks outside. However, fines may continue for violations in stores, restaurants and retail locations, although the fines will more likely than not be assessed to the business and not the individual.

That’s nothing new for Palm Beach County which, even during the peak of COVID-19, never fined any individual for not wearing a mask. BocaNewsNow.com has previously reported on Delray Beach Police and Boca Raton Police officers walking by masking “offenders” without making contact at all. Individual fines were authorized up to $100 by the Palm Beach County Commission. Palm Beach County’s unwillingness to fine violators led many to question the point of a mask mandate at all.

The rush to “phase 3” is largely being panned by medical professionals nationwide, with the exception of a few who self-identify as “conservative.”

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber calls DeSantis’ order “political.”

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6 thoughts on “DESANTIS DELUSIONAL? Florida Passes 14K Deaths, Approaches 700,000 COVID Infections

  1. Its amazing how he follows tRump lead on all topics. The man can’t make a decision on his own.and when he does it turns into a cluster f**k.
    Time to get rid of inexperienced politicians and do your learning elsewhere.

    1. So, you prefer “experienced” politicians to rule your life?
      Its not following someone’s lead, it’s called being a critical thinker and not having the heavy hand of Government rule the individual.
      If someone is terrified of germs, don’t come out from under your bed.

      1. People are dying. Wearing a mask should be mandatory to protect those around you. It saves lives and shouldn’t be debated. DeSantis is putting politics before the well being of the people.

      2. We prefer scientific and ethical leadership and a government that knows how to step in and not only use their expertise at governing a chaotic response, and use the national stockpile for the nation and not say it’s only for the elite and later change the house.gov website sentence to fit what Jared Kushner said instead of what the law reflects. we prefer a government that pays for services for the people instead of defending a rape case that is valid with a taxpayers money. And as somebody with a pre-existing condition in a history of a collapsed lung I’m not going to hide under my bed because people refuse to wear. I have a friend now that lives with her parents and her parents caught covid-19 and she didn’t because she wears a mask in the house. Science is the answer over Idiocracy.

  2. Definitely delusional, more importantly unfit to govern Florida. 1 MILLION people dead in this world and save the underlining health issues BS. Their lives mattered too. Wear your damn mask and stay 6 feet away from me. Swear so many self centered, selfish people in this world. It’s truly sickening.

    I don’t care for Biden , but I will do anything to take papa bear away from Desantis. Frankly , I’m sick of republicans. Resign already Desantis. You are a ticking time bomb.