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Delta Removes Fort Lauderdale Flier Who Refuses To Mask

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BY: ANDREW COLTON | Editor and Publisher

ATLANTA, GA ( — A Delta Airlines flight crew ordered the removal of a passenger heading to Fort Lauderdale from Atlanta Friday night when that passenger refused to wear a mask. was on board Delta 1415 at 10 p.m. when the large, tattooed man violated the airline’s mandatory mask policy while the plane was still at the gate. Flight attendants, and then a Delta supervisor, explained to the the passenger that he was required to wear a mask for the entire flight. He declined. After a cockpit consultation between Delta supervisors, a flight leader and the pilot, the man was ordered off of the airplane. Passengers applauded as the man was escorted back into the airport.

Delta Airlines Spokesperson Elizabeth Ninomiya told that the resulting delay was 34 minutes.

“We apologize to our customers for the delay on Flight 1415 as a passenger was removed from the flight for non-mask compliance,” she told on Saturday.

Delta Airlines has been among the most vigilant in ensuring that passengers wear masks over their mouths and noses for entire flights, with very brief exceptions for quick food or drink consumption. Delta continues to block middle seats and and is keeping passenger capacity to 60 percent.

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5 thoughts on “Delta Removes Fort Lauderdale Flier Who Refuses To Mask

  1. These “mandatory policies” are a violation of constitutional rights.. Mask have NEVER been mandatory nor MANDATED in the state of FL however all these companies will not allow you to have business or buy and sell unless you got your mask muzzles on. Makes no sense to wear them sense it clearly states they DO NOT protect you from getting the sickness AND a study recently also showed wearing a mask INCREASES YOUR RISK BY 70% ..imagine that… In addition there was yet another article stating that vitamin D combats and helps protects against covid. These are not medical professionals mandating medical RECOMMENDATIONS from people who ARE NOT DRS.. and FORCING people to mask up or be “removed.” Are these companies going to pay the medical expenses of those who faint, get staff infections, or actually have adverse illnesses due to their “mandatory policies?” I bet not and who are they to be giving medical advice (breaking HIPA law) and mandating it.

    1. You’re full of sickness with those thoughts! PLEASE DO NOT GO IN PUBLIC OR POST ANY ADDITIONAL ILL COMMENTS!

  2. It is a private business. And mandates aren’t required for them to uphold the requirement. Since when do privately owned businesses have to recognize your “right”. Never. Thank you Delta Airlines.