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Guards Were Summoned To Help Kids Who Claimed They Were Threatened By Drug Dealer With Gun.

DNA: Story Apparently Fake.

Arrested Attend Omni Middle School, Olympic Heights High School

Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia, 16, Courtesy Palm Beach County Jail. Garcia attends Olympic Heights High School.

BY: ANDREW COLTON | Editor and Publisher

BOCA RATON, FL ( (Copyright © 2021 MetroDesk Media, LLC) (News App readers click here for full story, reports) — Two young teens charged with attempted premeditated murder stabbed two security guards at the Boca Dunes Country Club 18 times, according to a police report obtained by

Dominick garcia
Dominick Garcia, 14, Courtesy Palm Beach County Jail. Garcia attends Omni Middle School.

The teens had allegedly summoned the guards to help them deal with a “drug dealer” who was threatening them with a gun. But the alleged “drug dealer” was apparently nowhere near the area the night of the attacks, and DNA evidence only connects to the two teens to the stabbings.

The details of the stabbings, which occurred on November 19th, 2020, are just being made public now. The teens were arrested earlier this month, but information wasn’t released until prosecutors decided to charge each as adults.

Dominick Garcia, 14, and Gabriel Garcia, 16, are being held without bond in the Palm Beach County Jail. Dominick attends Omni Middle School, according to police. Gabriel attends Olympic Heights High School.

From the police report, which starts with what police found and then tells the back story:

“On scene, detectives located the female security guard’s vehicle, later found to have a BB gun in the front passenger seat, along with a considerable amount of a red blood-like substance (BLS) in the driver’s seat area. Immediately outside the vehicle on the ground, detectives located a cellular phone (later determined to be the female’s), the blade of an approximately six inch long knife, and another spot of BLS near the blade. In a grassy area approximately fifty feet from the vehicle, detectives located men’s eyeglasses, women’s shoes, a magazine to a BB gun, along with several spots of BLS in the general area between these items and the female victim’s vehicle. On the night of the incident, the female victim, Danielle Burton, was found to be in serious but stable condition. In speaking with her, as well as medical personnel at Delray Medical Center, it was learned that she was stabbed eighteen times in the legs, abdomen, arms, neck and back. Simultaneously, the male victim, David Koenes, was immediately sent into surgery due to internal bleeding as a result of his injuries from the incident. A surge from the exploratory procedure originally said that Koenes suffered twelve stab wounds, some of which required emergency surgery to correct internal bleeding form perforating Koenes’ internal organs.”

According to police, here is the narrative of what happened:

“Both (guards) explained that around 17:30 hours, they passed two darker-skinned Hispanic males in their mid-to-late teens, both wearing hooded sweatshirts and medical masks. Both explained that one of the males was wearing a sweatshirt with the insignia of an Anime character know to Burton, as as they passed the males, she made a lighthearted comment to the male in the Anime sweatshirt, to which both laughed and moved on without incident. As the males were talking toward public property along a path which leads onto the Boca Dunes property, Burton did not tell the males to leave the property, nor did she make any negative remarks toward them. Both explained that around 18:00 Hours, once Burton completed her last tour on the golf cart, she looked up the cart, and both she and Koenes sat in her vehicle awaiting the end of her shift at 19:00 hours. Both said that approximately five to ten minutes after entering Burton’s vehicle, the male previously seen in the Anime sweatshirt ran toward Burton’s vehicle from the area of the golf course. Both said that upon approaching them, Burton lowered her passengers side window, at which time the male summoned their immediate assistance, stating that his friend had been “jumped.” Both said they quickly exited the vehicle and Koenes ran ahead of the male in the Anime sweatshirt and Burton, as they follow closely behind. Upon reaching the end of the line of of bushes, the other Hispanic male previously seen walking with the Hispanic male in the Anime shirt emerged, holding a gun (later found to be a BB gun). Once the male emerged, the male in the Anime shirt yelled “Get ‘Em!” At this point in the account, Koenes said that he was immediately hit in the face by the second male, which caused his glasses to fall off, and from that point he was disoriented, but knew he was hit and stabbed by one or both males numerous times. Burton said that once the male behind her yelled “Get ‘Em!” she immediately felt that she was being stabbed from behind by the initial male.”

According to the report, the teens summoned the guards after an alleged drug dealer known as “Ant” confronted the teens and told one to continue selling Marijuana for him — something he allegedly didn’t want to do.

“Gabriel said the primary issue at hand was related to his friend, Domnick, and someone he knew only as Anthony or “Ant.” Gabriel described Dominick previously assisting “Ant” in selling marijuana, and that Domnick had stopped working with “Ant.” He said that Dominick had previously received threatening phone calls from Ant in the past. He said that on the date of the incident at Boca Dunes, he and Dominick were walking toward Gabriel’s residence when they saw and unknown vehicle drive by them. Gabriel said that it was too dark outside for him to see who was driving the car, and he did not recall the color build of the vehicle, however he said that it slowed as it passed them. They found that to be suspicious so they cut across the Boca Dunes property to walk to SW 18th Street. Gabriel said that as he and Dominick were talking through Boca Dunes’ property, they heard something behind them, which prompted them to turn around, at which time he said he saw someone approaching them wearing all black. He said that the person said “it’s about pressure,” at which time Gabriel recognized the voice to be that of “Ant’s.” He said that he noticed a black firearm in “Ant’s” waistband, at which time he said that “Ant” picked up the firearm, “primed” it, unlocked the safety of the weapon, and pointed the weapon at Dominick’s head.”

“Gabriel said that at that time, he (Gabriel) grabbed Ant’s forearm and pushed it upward in an attempt to stop Ant from pointing the weapon at Dominick. Gabriel said that although he attempted this, Ant was much larger than he, so this action was met with Ant slamming Gabriel to the ground. He said that once Ant did this, Dominick tackled Ant, at which time Gabriel ran to get help from the security guards.”

“Gabriel said that the male security guard ran ahead of he and the female guard, as Gabriel continued to try to explain the situation to the female guard. He said that as the male guard ran ahead, he and the female guard turned an unknown corner to their left, at which time Gabriel saw Ant who was now wielding a knife, and was no longer holding the gun. Gabriel said that Ant swung the knife at the female guard, however she blocked the stabbing attempt, and the female guard then turned her aggression onto Gabriel, hitting him twice and then pulling him to the ground. At that time, Gabriel said that the male guard turned around and noticed the altercation between he, the female guard, and Ant, and ran up to them, tackling Gabriel once again. Gabriel said he tried to explain that Ant was the aggressor, and not he, but the security guards would not listen to him. He said that at this time, he saw Dominick clutching his head along a bush line, and at one point he did not know whether or not Dominick was alive. Gabriel continued, saying that Ant pistol whipped the female guard, and then attacked the male guard by stabbing him in the back. He said that in response, the male guard grabbed the blade of Ant’s knife with his bare hand and broke the blade off the handle. He said that at that time, the male guard then refocused onto him (Gabriel) and slammed him to the ground. He said that Dominick then approached them and told Gabriel to call 9-1-1.”

But “Ant,” according to police, was nowhere near the scene that night, suggesting the teens made up the story. DNA evidence, according to the police report, only places Dominick and Gabriel at the scene, not anyone else. The suggestion: two teens concocted the story after stabbing the security guards.

Read the complete police report, below. If you are reading in a news app and it does not appear, just click here.

The teens remain in custody. The security guards are reportedly out of the hospital and recovering from the stabbings.




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