Mary Mullet Boynton Beach

Missing Boynton Woman Found Dead, Man Arrested

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Remains Found In Yard.

Suspect, Roberto Colon, Claims He Married Victim As Part Of Citizenship Scheme.

Suspect: “They Can’t Put Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again.”

Mary Mullet Boynton Beach


BOYNTON BEACH, FL ( (Copyright © 2021 MetroDesk Media, LLC) (News App readers click here for full report) — The remains of a woman reported missing from Boynton Beach were found in a suspect’s back yard, according to police.

Roberto Colon is now facing a premeditated first degree murder charge in the death of 45 year old Mary Stella Gomez-Mullet. Colon was apparently heard by police saying, “they’ll never put Humpty Dumpty back together again.” He claims the two were married as part of a citizenship scheme.

The arrest report is lengthy, but shows how Boynton Beach Police Detectives worked the case. This is the verbatim of the police report:

Roberto Colon, Courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.

On 02/20/2021 at 08:46 hours, Boynton Beach Police dispatch received a call in reference to a missing person. Officers made contact with the reporting person, who wanted to make a report in reference to a missing person, H/F Mary Stella Gomez-Mulett. It was stated that Gomez-Mulett was last heard from on 02/18/21 at approximately 2PM when she was headed to the residence of W/M Roberto Colon 08/23/54. Officers made contact with Colon at his residence (152 SE 28th Ct.), who stated that Gomez-Mulett was hired as a caretaker for his mother, who he said suffers from dementia, in Hialeah, FL. Colon said that he married Colon weeks after meeting her as part of a deal that she would take care of his mother in exchange for U.S. citizenship through the marriage. Colon accused Gomez-Mulett of defrauding his mother of several thousands of dollars over the course of a couple of months. Colon confirmed that Gomez-Mulett was at his residence on 02/18/21 and they were engaged in a dispute over the theft/fraud accusations. Colon informed officers that he terminated Gomez-Mulett from her employment and she left. Colon went to a doctor’s appointment shortly afterwards and returned approximately an hour later and Gomez-Mulett was gone. Colon denied any knowledge of Gomez’ whereabouts. 

On 02/23/21, Detectives were informed that only a few hours after Gomez-Mulett was last spoken to on 02/18/21, BBPD patrol officers responded to a call of a bloody purse located by a concerned citizen. The location of the purse is approximately 0.9 miles from Colon’s residence. Inside of the purse were miscellaneous items, which included a broken white rosary chain with a crucifix attached. Detectives made contact with a family member of Gomez, who provided a recent photo of her. In the photo, Gomez-Mulett appears to be holding a very similar purse and wearing a very similar rosary necklace with crucifix attached around her neck. The purse also contained paperwork related to the area of Hialeah, where Gomez-Mulett was living with Colon’s mother. Detectives made contact with Gomez’s children and other family members who said that they usually speak with Gomez-Mulett every day. All family members and friends were adamant that something must have happened to Gomez. 

A follow up interview was conducted with Colon on 02/24/21 in which he advised that during the verbal argument at his residence, Gomez-Mulett bumped into a wall, causing her phone to fall to the ground and the battery to pop out. Colon said that he left the house for his doctor’s appointment soon after, telling Gomez-Mulett that he would be back to speak with her about everything after the appointment. Colon said that when he arrived back home, Gomez-Mulett was gone and the Toyota was still there. Colon denied Gomez-Mulett having any injuries from bumping the wall. Colon denied hurting Gomez-Mulett in any way and said he has no idea where she could be. Colon consented to a search of his residence, vehicle, phone and provided DNA. 

A search of Colon’s phone revealed that most of his text messages and call history has been deleted. On the front door of Colon’s residence, Detectives observed several red in color markings, which were later confirmed by BBPD Crime Scene to be blood. When questioned about the blood on the door, Colon stated that the blood must be his because he installed that door approximately 1 month ago and the aluminum from the frame must have cut him at some point during the install. In the front northwest room of the residence, which appeared to be an enclosed garage/workshop, BBPD Crime Scene located a large amount of blood spatter going from the floor, onto the wall, onto the window and even on the ceiling. When questioned about the blood in the room, Colon advised that he had never noticed that blood before; however, said that it must be from his current dog or one of his other dogs that passed away. Colon informed me that one of his dogs passed away in that room approximately 5 years ago. Colon also explained that his current dog had an injury where it was bleeding approximately five months ago and must have been inside the cage, shaking its body and causing the blood to spatter everywhere. Colon also informed Detectives that he has buried approximately six of his deceased dogs in his backyard. Boynton 

Beach Police Crime Scene collected swabs of the blood spatter, which were later submitted to the laboratory. 

On 02/23/21, Detectives made contact with Margarita Aragon, a close friend of Gomez-Mulett. Aragon informed Detectives that she was on the phone with Gomez-Mulett as she was headed to Colon’s residence on 02/18/21 to drop off the car that Colon had accused her of fraudulently obtaining through his mother, a purse that Colon’s mother gave to her and other miscellaneous items because she wanted nothing to do with him any longer. Aragon stated that Gomez-Mulett informed her that she had just arrived at Colon’s residence and that she would call her later in the day. Aragon claimed that before the phone call disconnected, she heard Gomez-Mulett say something to the sort of “No, no, no Roberto!” or “Margie (Margarita’s nickname), Margie, Roberto!”. Aragon said that she tried to call Gomez-Mulett back several times; however, the phone was going straight to voicemail. Aragon believed that it sounded as though Gomez-Mulett had been attacked. Aragon said that she was very concerned when she did not hear back from Gomez-Mulett because she normally talks to her several times a day. Aragon said that she was so concerned for Gomez’s safety that she drove to Colon’s house on 02/19/21 to check the residence for her friend; however, found no sign of Gomez-Mulett at the house. 

Detectives made contact with Colon at his residence on 02/23/21. He Colon advised that he has not seen or heard from Gomez-Mulett since and believes she must be hiding because she knows she may be getting arrested for fraud or theft. 

On 02/26/21, BBPD Crime Scene received confirmation that the swabs collected from the spatter in the northwest room of Colon’s residence were identified to be human blood. On 02/26/2021, a residential search warrant was authored for 152 SE 28th Ct. During the execution of the search warrant, additional evidence was located from the residence. While on scene, Colon engaged Detectives in conversation in which he referred to his workshop, where the blood spatter was located, as his “abbatoir” (meaning slaughterhouse or a place where animals are butchered). Colon also told Detectives that Gomez-Mulett was “swimming with the fishes” and referred to Gomez-Mulett as a “piece of shit bitch”. Colon yelled to Detectives “Find the body, find the body”. After leaving his house and releasing it back to Colon, he said with a smirk “well, at least you didn’t find a body at my house”. 

On 03/03/21 contact was made with a source of information who advised that during a verbal argument with Colon in January of 2021, Colon threatened to strangle her to death and bury her in his backyard. The source also said that she was around Colon several times in January 2021 when he was on the phone with Gomez-Mulett. The source said that after hanging up from one of the conversations, Colon said that he would like to kill Gomez-Mulett and bury her in his backyard. 

On 03/05/21, Detectives responded to Colon’s residence and placed him under arrest for narcotics found in his residence during the previous search. Colon was informed of, and presented with, another search warrant, which was obtained with a focus on the backyard. Prior to being transported to BBPD for processing, Colon believed that nobody was listening and said to a friend of his “there’s one thing they can’t do, they can’t put what’s his name, Humpty Dumpty back together again”. Colon also said to his friend “There’s really nothing that they can take from my house, you know. It’s no use to them in prosecution. Except parts and shit (audible laughing)”. 

During a search of the yard, crime scene investigators located human remains. Analysis was completed by the PBSO Technical Services Division, Tenprint Unit on fingerprints from the human remains and the remains were positively identified to belong to Gomez-Mulett. 




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