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West Boca Medical Center Sued Again, Alleged Incompetent Nursing

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Two Nurses, One Technician Allegedly So Incompetent, Young Patient Falls, Sustains Significant Injury.

west boca medical center
West Boca Medical Center is being sued, again.

BY: ANDREW COLTON | Editor and Publisher

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) (Copyright © 2021 MetroDesk Media, LLC) — West Boca Medical Center is facing another lawsuit, this time for alleged incompetent nursing that led a young woman to fall from a bed and sustain a critical injury — in the hospital. The woman, being treated for dizziness, was inexplicably given medicine that causes nausea and weakness. The woman, allegedly unmonitored, fell from her hospital bed.

West Boca Medical Center is owned by Tenet Healthcare (NYSE: THC). The new lawsuit comes just weeks after we reported on the lawsuit against the facility for a botched birth, allegedly as a result of actions by doctor Tara Dennis. Dr. Dennis was jailed on drug charges weeks after the alleged incident.

In the latest action against West Boca Medical Center, nurses Samantha Jodi-Ann Skinner R.N., Amanda Weidner R.N., and “Patient Care Techician” Guerline Durand are accused of setting into motion a series of events that led to Plaintiff Lori Kyriacou falling from her hospital bed and breaking her ankle, requiring surgery that lead to “impairment, disfigurement, mental pain and suffering and permanent disability.”

Here are case highlights, direct from the filing. We note the capitalizations are part of the official complaint:

“On or about March 1, 2019, LORI KYRIACOU, was admitted to WEST BOCA MEDICAL CENTER due to feeling weak, dizzy and lethargic. While at the hospital, LORİ KYRIACOU was administered trazodone, a sleeping medication that is known to cause nausea and weakness as side effects. Despite knowing of her nausea and her weakness, WEST BOCA MEDICAL CENTER, GUERLINE DURAND, PCT, SAMANTHA JODI-ANN SKINNER, R.N. and AMANDA WEIDNER, R.N. failed to provide proper supervision and failed to initiate and follow proper fall precautions. Additionally, the Defendants failed to properly identify LORI KYRIACOU as a high fall risk and failed to take appropriate measures to prevent an injury to LORI KYRIACOU, including but not limited to a bed alarm, a fall risk armband, non-slip footwear, frequent and / or constant supervision, and ambulation with assistance. As a result of the Defendants’ negligence and failure to follow established policies / procedures, LORI KYRIACOU fell on March 1, 2019 and suffered a severe ankle fracture. She was forced to have surgery to repair the injury.”

According to the suit, the problems at West Boca Medical Center started just as soon as she entered the facility.

The hospital, the nurses and PCT are accused of: “Failure to properly assess, identify, address and treat Ms. Kyriacou’s condition, weakness, nausea, dizziness, and unsteadiness upon admission and once admitted to the facility; b) Failure to appropriately screen for and develop an adequate plan of care and coordinated team approach for the patient’s presenting condition (s), fall risk, and any changes arising in the clinical course; Failure to implement the proper interventions, nursing measures, and staff and patient education, in order to safely address and manage the patient’s fall risk and clinical course; c) OTA Failure to develop, implement and / or follow appropriate protocols for determining and enforcing a safe activity level based on the patient’s fall risk and clinical course; e) Failure to adequately monitor the patient’s status and clinical changes in order to ensure patient safety at all times and prevent falls.”

The suit lists additional alleged failures, including: “Failure to recognize pertinent changes in the patient’s vital signs and clinical condition and timely provide the proper assessment, physician notification and re-screening indicated for a change in the clinical course; g) Failure to provide constant observation and the proper assistance and safety aides to the patient when out of bed in order to prevent falls; h) Failure to properly document and report an in-hospital sentinel event involving a patient fall with injury; Failure to provide the appropriate post-fall monitoring and re-education necessary following a sentinel hospital event; and i) Failure to provide that level of care, skill, and treatment which, in light of all relevant surrounding circumstances, is recognized as acceptable and appropriate by reasonably prudent similar healthcare providers.”

The lawsuit seeks in excess of $30,000, the statutory minimum for filing in Palm Beach County circuit court.

This is not the first time this year West Boca Medical Center has faced a lawsuit for someone falling on property. We reported in March that a grandmother — excited to see her grandchild’s birth — claims that she was denied entry to the hospital by a security guard who told her to walk to another entrance in the dark of night. She fell on a speed bump and allegedly sustained significant injuries.

Read all of our West Boca Medical Center coverage here. Read the new lawsuit, as filed, below. If it does not appear, use this link for access. The new lawsuit was filed by Attorney Yasmeen Lewis of Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart and Shipley.


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