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PARENTS WANT MASK MANDATE: Vast Majority Say Masks Needed In School

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Palm Beach County School Board Member Calls For Reopening Review As COVID Cases Soar Again.

palm beach county school district


BOCA RATON, FL ( (Copyright © 2021 MetroDesk Media, LLC) — The vast majority of parents responding to our survey regarding masks in public schools say the Palm Beach County School District must require masks when the 2021-2022 school year resumes in just weeks.

The responses are notable. Almost all previous calls for comment have led to an overwhelming anti-mask response. While there were several people who continued that theme, the Delta variant seems to have convinced those considered to be the most hardened “Covidiots” that masks needs to be the norm when the school year starts.

Here is a sampling of the comments sent to

”I feel like there are going to be a lot of sick children and staff in the school system this year coming if the mask is optional. The schools shouldn’t be opening back up full time because of the Delta COVID variant.”

”Follow the science. Ignore the anti-vaxxers.”

”I agree with the mandatory mask mandates when school resumes. With positive covid cases rising in Florida and the combination of unvaccinated students in enclosed spaces, we must listen to the science and protect our children and our communities. 1 in every 5 new cases in the US are now occurring in Florida. This is a no brainer.”

”Mask mandates should be banned. It should’ve always been a choice. Forcing students to wear them is terrible. Kids will hang out together after school without them anyway. Let kids build their immune systems the natural way.”

”The PBCSD school board decision this spring to make mask wearing optional for the 2021-22 school year was not based on factual data and real evidence on how to keep our school communities safe in the midst of this pandemic. This decision was reactionary and a direct response to intense pressure from very vocal, politically charged and misinformed anti-maskers and anti-vaxers who do not have the best interest of our communities at heart. School board decisions that directly impact the health and safety of our children must be based on real scientific evidence and national guidelines. There is no credible, scientific evidence that mask wearing results in any health issues.”

”It is imperative that kids that are not of age to receive vaccinations should ALL be required to mask up. This is not a joke, people are dying and kids are vulnerable and super spreaders. If this Governor should do otherwise,he must be removed! He is against all that is positive and healthy for Florida.”

”Mask mandates should not be the decision of a few school board members. Teachers and staff should continue to keep their rooms sanitized. It should be the parents’ choice.”

”I think the mask mandate should be required. We need to get this virus back under control!”

We note the following three comments are factually incorrect, but we are publishing it as an example of the misinformation clouding decisions.

”Why should masks be forced on CHILDREN, the ones least at risk of the virus? Males over 70 are the most at risk, and that demographic has given up the least. They are the wealthiest and own the most property in America—if they want protection from this ic to a, they need to start giving up the goods.”

“Face masks should absolutely remain optional for all students and staff. Kids are the least affected and have suffered mentally, physically and emotionally as a result of the mandatory masks in school. If masks become mandated again, I will pull my daughter out immediately and I hope a majority of the parents do as well. We have lived normal this entire time and will not comply with government overreach.”

Masks should never have been forced on children who are not at risk for COVID nor have they been shown to be a vector of this disease. Further, masks are not effective in preventing the spread of a virus and there is research now that proves masks wearing is not risk free. Carbon dioxide build up is causing headaches, memory and other issues. Forcing children to wear masks is abusive.

”Not only should masks be mandatory but vaccines should be as well aged 12 & up.
Continue w no visitors on campus and continue virtual learning option.”

“Mask mandates SHOULD be put back in place vs optional for elementary, middle schools & high school, to ensure all children’s safety but esp. those 12 & under & the unvaccinated.”

“Absolutely you should reinstate mandates in school considering the Delta variant is becoming 
rampant. Especially in Elementary and High school age children!”

”Masks absolutely should be required in elementary and middle school. In middle school there will be a mix of vaccinated and non vaccinated. With no way to verify mask must be required. I think even high schools should require masks if we cant require the vaccine. 

This is life and death. It should not be political. Honestly what is the harm with wearing a mask out of an abundance of caution.”

We note that a teacher who responded said the problem with the mask mandate, from a teacher’s perspective is the amount of time enforcing the mandate. The teacher also cited the apparent lack of assistance provided by the school district to help teachers who were challenged by anti-mask and anti-fax parents throughout the school year.

The Palm Beach County School Board meets Wednesday. While there is not a specific agenda item regarding masks, Dr. Debra Robinson — the Board’s only medical doctor — has added this agenda item: “School Board Member Dr. Debra Robinson will ask that the Board and Superintendent discuss the school reopening plan in light of the skyrocketing cases of Covid 19 in Palm Beach County.”

What do you think about a mask mandate, at least for children too young to be vaccinated? Share your thoughts, below. If the form does not appear, access it here.

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