We Asked About Trump And Baker Act, The Responses Are Unreal

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In Palm Beach County, Where Donald Trump Now Lives, Even Asking If He’s Healthy Is Grounds For Attack…

Former President Donald Trump. Readers weigh-in on whether or not he should be ”baker acted” under Florida law.

BY: STAFF REPORT | BocaNewsNow.com

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) (Copyright © 2022 MetroDesk Media, LLC) — Whatever you do, don’t ask readers in Palm Beach County if Donald Trump should be Baker Acted. We asked that question in the hours after stunning testimony on Tuesday accused the former president of grabbing the steering wheel of his limo after a secret service agent wouldn’t drive him to take part in the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol. Under Florida law, the ”Baker Act” helps those in need of mental health help get that help by way of a mandatory hold.

Scores of readers responded. We are publishing some of the highlights, below. We remind our readers that we merely asked a question based on testimony. But apparently even asking the question is grounds for attack in ”Trump World.” These responses are unedited and published as they were submitted to our newscenter.



(COMMENT): “How dare you ask a question like this where this woman was not there and was all here say and the person that she says told her what she was testifying has denied ever saying that. I am sick and tired the media constantly putting out false information when they don’t recheck the sources especially when it come to Trump. Your Newspaper is disgusting as all the media today. It’s a cancer in our society!!!!!”

(COMMENT): “Hey Donald. The United States is not your parents trying to get you to shut up. You can’t just make demands, constantly nag us and have tantrams until you get your way. Looks like now we have to put you in a foster home with bars. These people who put their careers over the country are nuts stupid and criminal, from Trump down to every last lying sychophant Every policy and judge the mad king installed should be declared invalid due to criminal abuse of power and thrown out”

(COMMENT): “I feel any normally intelligent decent person out there should have seen along time ago the type of person and the lunatic this moron is. He has turned this country against itself with his endless baseless lies. Read his nieces book which was published prior to his election loss she was spot on! This idiot should be baker acted or better still put behind bars. The sad part is how many elected officials are in office that are no better and are totally open about it very scary. He’s sent a message to all the other low life followers that it’s okay to be an asshole. This country is going down the tubes because of these people all fueled by Trump!! Just my opinion!! By the way don’t forget to wash your hands after taking a trump!!”

(COMMENT): “Hysterical! The Babylon bee has competition. Take a look around our country….if I had any family members in florida that were crazy enough to vote for the bumbling baboon that requires notes to tell him when and where to sit, I would have them baker acted. This is funny and I am glad we can laugh together.”

(COMMENT): “No I do not…alot of fake news and the elections are coming Dems. want him OUT OF THE WAY!!”

(COMMENT): “Dude you’re the one that needs to be baker acted you Kia driving loser. Trump 2024! Change your website to 7bridges bullshit news no one cares about! Asshole!” (Ed.Note: The KIA EV6 is a great electric vehicle with no emissions. And it seems you read this b.s. news that no one cares about quite a bit. Thanks).

(COMMENT): “He lunged At the steering wheel” Can you please start posting the writers email? Not really reporting more like high school journalism. I await you post when this story is debunked. Stick to restaurants and corrupted local politics. God Bless”

(COMMENT): “Please stop writing articles that waste our time! I seek insight into local issues and when Boca News Now dabbles in National news issues it just doesn’t work especially when you conform to the sick twisted misinformation pushed by those bent on destroying our country! “Russia, Russia, Russia” and “It’s Russian propaganda” claims by dark forces…you can be better than this!”

(COMMENT): “This should have been done years and years ago which would have prevented the loss of lives, the racism and the tens of thousands of lies that were told over his presidency. Doing it now will help to heal the country!”

(COMMENT): “Yes, he should be institutionalized and prevented from ever holding public office.”

(COMMENT): “I find this article offensive , as someone who has had to utilize the Baker Act for my daughter multiple times, this is another kick to real mental illness.”

(COMMENT): “Absolutely Trump should be Baker Acted.”

(COMMENT): “This story just makes your “publication” look so partisan and shallow. The two people that this woman worked for already refuted most of what she said in her testimony in this sham hearing. Just a distraction from the real news that our country is nosediving in just about every way. But keep up with the divisive nonsense…you’re part of the problem.”

(COMMENT): “Thank you for another bullshit article. Shame on you for writing such crap. This committee is a joke. Look where liberal policies have gotten this country, in the gutter.”

(COMMENT): “Your printing a stupid story like this makes one wonder if your newsletter is even worth reading?”

(COMMENT): “Pleeeeze ….if any politician needs to be put away is this POS we now have in office. Trump is fine and proved it for 4 years while in office. Then this Duffield came and totally destroyed everything!!!!!!!!!”

(COMMENT): “Absolute disgusting article that you know had no basis in fact and was written solely to kiss the butts of your left wing readers. Truly disgraceful that you published this.”

(COMMENT): “No I don’t think there is anything wrong with President Trump. But I do think that Joe Biden should be in a nursing home, not in the White House destroying our country.”

(COMMENT): “The former president should definitely be assessed for mental illness as his actions are a threat to others.”

BocaNewsNow.com thanks those who responded, even if your response included attacks for just asking a question. It’s always helpful for parts of our community to understand how other parts of our community think.



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