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We Asked About The Agricultural Reserve. We Received Nearly 130 Responses. Almost All Criticizing The G.L. Homes Plan.

“Approving this absurd request will have a catastrophic effect on the Ag Reserve forever.”


BY: ANDREW COLTON | Editor and Publisher

BOCA RATON, FL ( (Copyright © 2023 MetroDesk Media, LLC) — As G.L. Homes continues its push for the Palm Beach County Commission to grant permission to build another 1000 homes on farm land G.L. owns in the Agricultural Reserve, just west of U.S. 441 and north of Clint Moore Road, we asked readers whether they think it’s a good idea. Our readers, overwhelmingly, believe G.L. Homes should be banned from developing the land.

G.L. Homes has been seeking permission for quite some time — and is now offering a water reservoir in another part of the county — in exchange for permission to develop more land on the Boca Raton/Delray Beach line. The company responsible for The Bridges, Seven Bridges, Boca Bridges, Lotus, Dakota, multiple Valencia properties, and more, wants permission to turn more of the Agricultural Reserve into a mixed-used development which would include a Jewish religious facility and “work force housing.” Palm Beach County Commissioners are in the process of again deciding whether or not G.L. should be allowed to build.

G.L. Homes is not offering to build additional schools in the area where Whispering Pines Elementary, Sunrise Park Elementary, Eagles Landing Middle School, Omni Middle School, and others are near, at, or well over capacity.

Among the nearly 130 readers who submitted a “no” vote as of mid-day Thursday, many point to traffic, infrastructure, and inept road widening on Lyons Road — between Clint Moore and Atlantic Avenue — that has continued for more than a year. The widening was needed after thousands of homes were built in Lotus, Boca Bridges, Seven Bridges, and The Bridges, without requirements from Palm Beach County for G.L. to expand roads before breaking ground.

The following is the list of responses received as of 2 p.m. on Thursday.


Each paragraph represents a new comment.

Approving this absurd request will have a catastrophic effect on the Ag Reserve forever.

Short answer NO! There has already been too much encroaching in the Ag Res. Keep doing it and very soon there is no Ag Res. Second. Robards in that area can’t support another 1,000 homes (approximately 2,000 additional cars). It’s agricultural reserve land.

I live less than a mile from the site and do not agree with GL’s proposed plan. Traffics and congestion will increase too much. Residents of the area chose it to stay away from broward and Maimi dade crazy way of living.

In favor of GL Homes I think they should be allowed to build there.Thousands of people are migrating to Florida. Why would we want to not include them in our tax base.? Much has changed in the last 60 or 70 years. Let’s keep up with the progress.

The area has enough overpriced, oversized homes. It needs more affordable or starter homes. My opinion – I’m against it.

NO!!! Too much over building already NO MORE!!!

The rezoning and over building occurring has burdened the area already. It has stretched the infrastructure to the limits. Has anyone done a traffic study? Add four cars to each luxury home (4000) more cars on our roads. Schools are at maximum, fire and police services are stretched. This area was supposed to be agricultural. We have drainage issues already. It’s time to tell GL Homes no. This will not benefit our community. Travel on our roads is a nightmare. Call a moratorium on new developments. Study the entire impact. Quality of life is diminished.

Not a good idea. This type of development contributes to flooding–already an issue in PBC. The amount of cement needed for these homes and streets in an area already experiencing water issues is not sensible. Also, the ecology in the area is already in a delicate balance.

Do not take away any more land. Our streets are crowded already. We want to preserve what we have now.

I think it’s getting ridiculous allowing GL to build 1000 homes in an already over populated area and the trade-off if they get to build water treatments in Loxahatchee Jill builds them as fast and cheap as they possibly can and they should head up to Mississippi where they need cheap housing well-made.

I am opposed to development in the Ag Reserve.

“Yes, let them build. They build a lovely community, and let’s face it we have depleted the land in downtown, and if this doesn’t pass now, it will in the future. We need more new construction homes.

RE: GL Homes stealing the Ag Reserve…

  1. The taxpayers of PBC should demand their $209M Ag Reserve Preservation Fund returned (amount shown is with interest for 23 years). 2. A “reservoir?” Digging out and flooding 1,600 acres of GL-owned land that would not be profitable for GL to develop and 100 acres of new JCC park facilities in exchange for 1,000 prime acres in West Boca with developed roads, utility infrastructure and schools? Look away, no corruption here!
    Besides “…people need amenities.” (Former PBC Mayor Maria Sachs, 2021.) 3. We now see that there is obviously NO water crisis that requires our forced usage of reclaimed sewage effluent since 1,000 new homes and 300 “affordable” rentals will be permitted here. P.S. The “affordables” will be last on the list, and likely forgotten at the end. Been there, seen that.

No. There is enough traffic and building. How much can you possibly cram in boca

I live in Seven Bridges and do not want another GL community in the area. The traffic is unbearable on Lyons Rd. where all the other GL communities’ traffic converge. We need new roads to handle all the traffic, which is appears GL is not going to provide. The Agricultural Reserve should be left alone, as planned.

No. There is no benefit to the city. Stop the over building. Enough is enough. this nightmare ongoing construction project on Lyons road should serve as a wake up call to the residents and elected officials about the ramifications of over development.

I am against any more construction! roads are already jammed, Lyons is a mess causing accidents etc because of GL. leave nature alone or it will come back to haunt us all!!

Gl greed. Lyons rd over 2 years not one. Palm beach cant allow. Please keep us updated so can fight or are they already in their pockets and this charade so we think have a voice, like all politics now a days.

I live in a GL community in West Boynton Beach and am totally against their further decimation of the Ag Reserve. The traffic and general congestion is already horrible. We were led to believe a lot of this land would remain viable for agriculture. It is now a residential nightmare and GL’s current proposal would only add to the elimination of the Ag Reserve which we were told would not happen. GL is destroying the Ag Reserve and the western sections of Palm Beach County. Enough is enough!!!

Absolutely not! We must keep the agricultura reserve. No, to GL homes. Leave the area as is.”

I hate the idea of converting more ag land into houses for wealthy people. I lived in West Boca for over 20 years, since 1999. And the traffic has gotten not only much busier each year because of all the new housing, but more DANGEROUS. I’ve been in quite a few close calls as expensive cars weave & race along 441, acting as though only they matter.

Do not allow the exemption to build residential units on the agricultural reserve. The impact on our living environment will be negative in many respects.

The County Commission should NOT give GL Homes approval to build in the Ag Reserve. There was a contract with voters just 25 years ago that we would work to keep this area an active agricultural hub. The voters invested $100,000,000. GL Homes has rewritten that agreement one approval after another. Each one seems so small – but the end result is that we are losing the last agricultural space in south county. The county commission at one point said “okay we will just hold the line at west of 441”. Now that is in jeopardy too. That is predominantly a wetland area drained for ag. Do not put houses on that area!

NO… No .. No to Clint Moore and 441 1000k units development!!!!!!

With all of the building proposed, have the commissioners given any thought to the strained traffic conditions already existing on st. rd. seven? some time ago there were 5 bridges planned to be installed west of 441 to connect palm beach county to broward county, that has never happened! perhaps the d.o.t. should consider extending the sawgrass expressway to southern blvd. and beyond to help with the problem. yes, housing is needed, but somewhere else, please.

I oppose more homes in the area . It’s already too congested.

And they should be forced to build new roads before they build more homes.

I am against G.L. homes building west of 441 and Clint Moore Road unless they build public schools and public parks open to everyone.
Enough. This is why we are here now, for the serenity. Overbuild will make is just another city.

I am completely and totally against GL homes from building any more homes in this area. The traffic is awful, there are new builds that haven’t been sold, and this area is saturated with ridiculously expensive new developments.

No-GL Homes has greedily overbuilt and The county commissioners are the ones at fault for allowing it. There is not enough infrastructure to support the amount of people and the GL communities have adversely affected the entire area. Because most communities are gated, all traffic is funneled onto a few main roads. The traffic has become unbearable and the only solutions are to widen streets, making suburban roads into boulevards.

No. Absolutely not. Let them widen Lyons rd north of Atlantic. They abuse the privilege

No! We need the Ag land. Enough!

I am absolutely against building more homes. There is too much traffic already.

GL Homes should build a new community on 441. GL has beautiful front entrances & every community attracts a large crowd for a reason, with a demand to build more! Luxury home owners love living in West Delray/West Boca. All GL communities get sold out for a reason. It’s a beautiful lifestyle for all ages, with gorgeous homes, in a fabulous location. I can’t wait to purchase one in this community. It would be my 5th GL purchase!

I think not only should they not continue to keep building and buying out, but am not sure whom the actual owners seem to be. They apparently are not looking to better the community, but just be greedy for their own purpose. With different business names, I believe they want full vote of various communities. I am totally against more building and selling to these people.

GL Homes should NOT be allowed to build in the Agricultural Reserve! This land was voted by residents to keep it preserved, period. We do not need more traffic, impact on infrastructure and quality of life.

I am not in favor of approving the GL Homes project for 1000 new homes. The roads are already too congested in this area.

Construction should be allowed. There is a severe housing crisis.

Horrible idea. Congestion and unsafe driving already a problem in that immediate area. We do not need 1,000 new supposedly high-end homes.”

I do not want any more GL developments…the density is turning PBC into Broward and Boynton into Ft Lauderdale.

Against more development near 441 Not a good idea.

Absolutely they should not get permission to build in the Ag Reserve. People’s votes should be respected. This could be a win/win for residents if reasonable concessions are agreed to by GL. The land in question will never stay agricultural so why not have it developed in a positive manner that reflects the neighboring communities, and it’s needs.
“South East Florida is becoming too crowded. Roads are clogged with traffic.

Lots of problems getting through Clint Moore Road going west from Military Trail. Just check it out…during school pick up time.

They should NOT be allowed to build . Traffic is overwhelming our road system.

Hell no to GL Homes. They’ve destroyed Boca enough already

As the odd one out, as in the only farmland left in the Boca Raton area, I wouldn’t necessarily be against developing this land responsibly, however I am, as G.L. Homes is proposing another 55+ “Del Boca Vista Phase III,” which is also why no school “concurrency” is required. Furthermore, G.L. wants to bend the county’s land development regulations and comprehensive plan rules for planned developments, to allow multi-family housing on a civic site, bypassing building setback and density requirements. We need the young and beautiful, not more transplants driving less than 40 miles an hour down 441, or a desperate attempt to sell this proposal with something that will do little to none in addressing the housing crisis.

No ! GL Homes has bamboozled the PBC zoning board one too many times. These huge communities they have built in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Boynton have overloaded our infrastructure – roads, schools , etc. There should be no more building and expansion until the roads that need to be utilized for these homes are completed. 441/Boynton and 441/ Atlantic to Lyons is a disaster day and night. Let us not repeat this mistake.

Do not allow them to build.

GL Homes should NOT be allowed to build on any more of the agricultural reserve! Let him build in another county.

1000 homes in west Boca is too dense for west Boca. Something like 300 to 500 homes maximum might be workable.

No! PBC county residents voted to not develop the reserve.. PBC commission has been ignoring the people’s vote. GL is destroying the beauty and farming community of this county. Let alone the strain on the infrastructure. Commission needs to get a backbone and actually work for the people and say NO!

The housing development should be turned down as traffic is already terrible; the conversion of the golf course in Boca to homes is bad enough but adding 1000 homes on agricultural land would be a major mistake that ultimately would burden Palm Beach County to expand services and roads and contribute to additional gridlock

The local commissioner Maria Sachs should put a stop to this. GL homes should not be permitted to overburden our community and environment to make profit while contributing nothing to schools or roads. GL homes is ruining the quality of life in West Boca/Delray.

No! They should not be permitted to build any more. We are crowded enough down here!

No, GL should NOT be permitted to build these homes, it’s an Agriculture Preseve for a good reason, and it’s not for GREAD

“No no no to GL Homes Enough is enough!!! This type of bartering is beneath palm Beach County”

I say NO to GL Homes. Such a greedy organization. Building million dollar homes helps no one except their management.

“WE HAVE WAY TO MANY HOMES IN THIS AREA, not enough schools and if they are going to build yet again a community that is unapproachable to younger moderate level income folks it’s outrageous. If they can price these homes from 380,000-600,000 but WHEN THEY they start at $800,00 – 1 million and over, its is so out of reach for our younger families. What about those families that their gross income in between 100,00-200,00, they are out of luck for any dream of a new home in south florida, or any home basically outside of a condo with extremely high HOA’s or the trailer park. I mean come on!. And as far as building their so called “workforce housing units” those families that are over 100,00-200.00 annually would not qualify for consideration for these types of homes, (let’s not forget about the fact that some of those families are already slotted in, the system doesn’t work) . These builders are leaving out an entire generation who work hard and pays high rent just to live in a decent community still paying 2,500-3,500 a month for a 1 or 2 bed apartment.

Things have to change and if the greedy builders wont give consideration to average income families and try to build to accommodate these families then I vote NO TO BUILDING THESE HOMES. Let the land be used for a Agricultural Reserve!” NO THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BUILD!!
Building another 1000 homes in an area already congested is ridiculous. It has to stop’! It’s time for reasonable efforts to properly zone.

Enough homes save some agricultural land . Boca cannot accommodate the already congested traffic as it is!

I agree with GL’s plan if Atlantic Ave is widened from Military Trail to 441/ST RD 7, and Flavor Pick Rd is widened and extended to 441/St Rd 7, also some new schools and parks are included in any new housing developments

Stop G L from building more developments in the Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach areas. Enough is enough. Keep the land for agriculture
This G.L. plan for the West Boca Raton/West Delray Beach land near Clint Moore is a terrible idea. We need new schools as it is with all locals being over crowded. Im not even going to get into the fact that this agricultural carveout that was never intended to become residential communities!
GL Homes and any builder will eventually get their way by shtupping the right people. I am totally against this proposal.

It’s a shame politicians are letting this happen. When enough is going to be enough? Is the Everglades going to be next? This whole house building is getting out of control!

“Please NO!!! It is all about GL making money and not caring for of us residents that are living with extreme congestion in all aspects. Schools, supermarkets, roads medical field as well. We are OVERCROWDED AS IS!!!!!!!!! Please No, please No Please No more. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO !!!!!!!”

“I think this is a terrible idea and without any more Roads development, hospitals, stores and schools the area will be completely congested. As it is we are seeing so much traffic and long travel times to local areas, this build will just add way too much more congestion.

I am against the GLhomes proposal. The trade off only really benefits GL and doesn’t help with traffic and congested streets. If approved it would affect, negatively, traffic on Lyons road and roads leading up to it. We live off of LyonsRoad and the traffic on 441 and other roads nearby would be difficult to use many times during the day.
Do not think GL should build anymore and least of all in the Ag Reserve.

It’s called a reserve for a reason. GL and other large developers think they can do whatever they want if they just throw a little (in comparison to what it’s worth) money around. The municipalities should adopt an adequate public facilities policy before more of these mega projects are contemplated. No I don’t think GL Homes should be allowed to build. They have gotten way too many concessions.

“Absolutely Not !! Too much building in Boca Raton !!

With the amount of houses they have already built they should have been required to build a couple of new schools. GL Homes should NOT be allowed to build on 441 near Clint Moore Road.

Too much housing on that road now. And schools are already crowded. Another 1300 homes will only make the problem worse.

Please don’t let the developers ruin Boca. West Boca. Isn’t it overcrowded already?

The amount of building in Boca Raton over the past ten years has been staggering. It’s way too much. The roads can’t handle the traffic and it takes forever to travel a short distance due to all thje cars on the road. I’m not a “tree hugger” but why do we need to disturb all that land adjacent to the everglades to construct yet another thousand homes? I am opposed to the proposed project.

I am totally against using any land in the Agricultural Reserve for other than farming. GL Homes has made a mockery of the Agricultural Reserve.

No as it is Agricultural preserve. More houses will result in more traffic. The reservoir, if needed can be funded by increases in water taxes.
I say no to more building in the Ag reserve.

The answer is No! They do not have the resources for police, fire department, hospital and ambulances. The existing structure would not service 2000 or more people.

No no no! Deny GL Homes permission to build at Clint Moore and 441!!!

No, No and NO. I have sent emails to each commissioner asking for a no vote on this. I don’t have much hope because votes always seem to lean to the developer and away from keeping the reserve natural.

The area is congested enough already . I really don’t think we need another 1000 homes in West Boca . The roads are crowded all the time . People need space not living on top of each other.

I am not in favor of G.L. Home’s plan for a new development on rt 441 near Clint Moore. There is already way too much congestion in the area. I would rather see it left as open space.

We absolutely vote against the above project. We have to stop upsetting the water table in the Everglades not to mention destroying sacred property.

No, no, 1,000 times no. Enough special exemptions for builders who won’t rest until they build on every square inch of the county.

I am I favor of G.L. building that housing development.

The commission was formed to protect the agricultural reserve. They should do their jobs. I live in a community that is adjacent to the proposed development. Traffic on 441 without this new development is horrendous. In season it’s difficult to even find a parking spot in the Reverve shopping center. There are lawn watering restrictions in effect now…imagine another 1000+ residences.

Absolutely not. This insane overbuilding and stripping of the AG must be stopped for once and for all.

Absolutely not! It’s enough already. They only care about their pockets

It’s already getting way to crowded by the speedway we call 441, and didn’t they buy south of Kimberly and 441 to build on those farms. A resounding no from me.

I think there are enough GL homes and they have traded ag properties for residential. I have lived in this area for 32 years and this is awful. We are nothing but Lego looking homes!! The beauty here was the ag properties. Why does PBC want to ruin what is left of our beautiful county
When is enough, enough. How about 1000 affordable housing units surrounding a park. Wouldn’t that be a change.

G.L. Homes should not be allowed to build any more homes in the area. This is an agricultural reserve and should be kept that way. G.L.’s plan for the West Boca Raton/West Delray Beach land near Clint Moore and U.S. 441 should absolutely be scrapped!
We do NOT support GL Homes building another 1000 homes on Clint Moore and 441. The area is too congested as it is. We vote NO.

The infrastructure between Boca Raton and Delray cannot handle another thousand homes. The roads are overcrowded now. The ag reserve was set up to preserve farming. Enough is enough.

I think there are enough GL homes and they have traded ag properties for residential. I have lived in this area for 32 years and this is awful. We are nothing but Lego looking homes!! The beauty here was the ag properties. Why does PBC want to ruin what is left of our beautiful county
Reject this 1,000 home construction project.

We live in the Four Seasons HOA, which in 442 just north of Atlantic Ave. There already has been too much presidential building in the ag reserve. We’re opposed to any more.

No this amounts to buying the commissioners Enough is enough traffic is bad now”

Absolutley NO. Roads need to be expanded before GL homes is allowed to build.

And an assessment of the needs of the community, including schools, parks, etc should be discussed before any permits are issued.

People paid for a bond to keep no building in the AG Reserve. Do not allow building in the AG.

Absolutely not in favor! We are concerned about the impact to local infrastructure, road crowding, potential environmental issues. Once natural land is gone, it’s gone forever. GL is creating too much density….have them move elsewhere where there is plenty of space to build. No matter what they say or promise, the end result is their bottom line.
No I do not think they should be able to build and destroy an area that was never meant to be built on. Our areas have overpopulation, travel headaches and we are displacing wildlife that has no where to go. Enough is enough!

Some 20+ years ago we voted to keep the Ag Reserve as is, not to develop it. I guess our commissioners were out of state when we our voices were united against any development. It’s now time for our commissioners to say NO to GL Homes, regardless of any trade off they may propose to gain approval.

I absolutely do not think that we need another 1,000 more homes built on a reserve.

No more homes.


No way! 441 is too busy as it is, schools and facilities overcrowded- too much traffic and noise. A reservoir and park is not sufficient, they should build a tunnel from 441 to the turnpike, and schools. Absolutely not. Traffic is terrible now without more homes.
No I shouldn’t build

Absolutely Not. GL Homes has now gone way too far. STOP Them!!!
I vote no to more homes on 441 Another 1,000 homes would overrun the area with traffic when there is already a problem, and without adding more retail space and restaurants it just means the area becomes that much more crowded – – and putting aside environmental impacts. Offering to build a reservoir and parks in other places does nothing to address the fundamental problem with permitting that many more homes to be built at the 441 and Clint Moore location.

That will add to what’s already a horrible traffic situation on 441 north of Clint Moore. There have been several accidents resulting in deaths because there is no traffic light by the Oaks and Stonebridge. I say no way without a traffic light,



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