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Seven Bridges Delray HOA Board Slapped By Federal Judge

JUDGE: “It is reasonable to infer that the Association acted with discriminatory intent.” BY: ANDREW COLTON | Editor and Publisher DELRAY BEACH, FL ( — The three-way battle between two homeowners and the Seven Bridges Homeowners Association was just elevated from drama you’d expect to see on “Real Housewives” to a high stakes court case […]

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Seven Bridges Delray Beach

SEVEN BRIDGES FEDERAL LAWSUIT: Homeowner Tells Court She Wasn’t All That Bad

Attorney For Rachel Tannenholz Files Federal Response, Acknowledges Allegations But Says They Weren’t “Atrocious” DELRAY BEACH, FL ( — The drama over the federal lawsuits in the Delray Beach community of Seven Bridges continues to unfold through federal filings. One homeowner is suing another — and the HOA — in federal court, while a separate […]

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