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[These teachers, according to several parents, were not socially distancing in the days before at least one contracted COVID-19].


DELRAY BEACH, FL ( — A young child attending “Get Ready Set Grow” Academy in Delray Beach has tested positive for COVID-19. At least one teacher has also tested positive.

The private, high-priced “academy” has shut down for cleaning, but still plans to hold a pre-K graduation on Friday (July 17th, 2020). Letters from Get Ready Set Grow confirm the student and teacher test results. The academic year was extended for the students at Get Ready Set Grow who range in age from age 2 to 5. While camp-like activities may have been scheduled, the “school year” is technically still taking place.

Multiple parents contacting provided the letters from Get Ready Set Grow management that we are publishing below. The announcement follows two parties documented on social media, according to parents. The first, below, reportedly involved several Get Ready Set Grow teachers not wearing masks or following social distancing guidelines.

One of the teachers in the photo, according to multiple parents, is one of the teachers who tested positive for COVID-19.

[Multiple parents say these are Get Ready Set Grow teachers partying in late June. The photo was posted to social media and identified by the participants as being teachers at the school/camp].

The second photo shows a child’s party which included several students from the school as well as teachers — including at least one teacher from the photo above. The child’s party was held just days after the teacher’s party. Whether a teacher transmitted COVID-19 to a student is unclear, but parents contacting say contract tracers have been calling families of the children at the party.

This photo, according to multiple parents, was pulled from social media after the COVID-19 diagnoses were made.

Get Ready Set Grow

No immediate word from the Florida Department of Health. Parents seeking to pull their children from Get Ready Set Grow for the remainder of the summer — and receive refunds — have been told “no.”

Here are the letters and texts sent to parents: expects to hear more from the Florida Department of Health as well as Palm Beach County officials on Friday.


UPDATE: Parent who hosted party speaks out.

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  1. Whoever wrote this article is a fear-mongering idiot! Everybody in those pictures are around each other every day at the school. There was social distancing at that party. There wasn’t that many people there and they live in a huge home so it was not any problem to social distance. Also if you look closely you’ll notice that the Gathering was outside which is even bigger than the home! Your assumptions are just that, assumptions! You wrote this article just to politicize this and to fear monger. You did no investigation or talk to any credible Witnesses. This is an example of fake news! This is why nobody trusts journalists! You as the writer and Boca Raton news itself should be ashamed of printing this. This is highly lazy journalism!

    1. So those parents and teachers with their arms around each other were …social distancing? And not a single soul got within 6 feet of each other the entire time? Even outdoors? Those photos were photoshopped? I understand you not wanting to have your possible lack of parental responsibility called into question, and that must be so embarrassing for you, but just because someone is wealthy and/or has a “huge home”, makes zero difference. See, this highly transmissible virus does not care about anyone’s bank balance.

    2. I’m another parent here at the school who is currently on a full quarantine due to this.

      I say to the all trollers and bloggers, and people with nothing else to do with their time

      Everyone relax, first ask yourself how are the teachers who got sick are doing? They didn’t sign up for this job.. the school opened with minimal cases in florida with very good protocols in place at the time.. They aren’t happy about this. one of the teachers symptoms have subsided and they are doing well.

      Next, this isn’t the end of the world. The school will hopefully change their protocols with communication as should all schools who do this. school(s) should be notifying parents when teachers are ill, as teachers should want to alert parent. Not after a test result.. the communication needs to be greater. Vice versa with parents to the school .. if they need to close the school they should or the parents can make the INFORMED decision.

      Bottom line is, parents and teachers, more importantly, need to be a little more responsible if they want to due their essential part.

      That didn’t happen here.

      Am I going to send my kid back? We will see how things are after this quarantine.

      The mortality rate is very low amongst Floridians, so let’s not go bonkers over it.. while many have a right to be scared, most aren’t as terrified so stop with the shaming. Essential staff should not be shamed.

      Let’s be honest, there are a bunch of unintelligent people out there who want to be Dr Fauci, or Donald Trump, or headline news, and it’s pointless.. and you probably didn’t make it to this section for how unintelligent you are.

      Everyone be safe and hopefully ends sooner than later.

  2. Hello that’s typical news from the private, high-priced “academy”. they will never tell anybody that they will refund the Tuition. But even better the school wants the parents to pay their Tuition and at the same time Get Ready Set Grow Academy is collecting Pay Check Protection money from the Government. How Boca Now News will investigate that as well and that will help the Parents. Other schools like Congregation B’nai Israel that refund Tuition to the parents as soon as they closed the school for Covid. From Get Ready Set Grow you will never hear that.

  3. More fear mongering by the media. This is the problem with politicizing this. While there were 2 parties, they both took place at the BEGINNING of June (6 weeks ago), far beyond the incubation period which would be considered the source of the current “positive” results. The adverbs used are misleading at best. The real story to report is all the false positives, numerous reports of not being tested but receiving positive results, the number of re-testing done by countless people trying to get back to work or to a doctor. The tests and reporting are both faulty.

  4. So this is what our world has come to? Bunch of sheep telling on each other for catching a virus. So we have gotten the flu, noro virus since we were alive. We never tried to destroy someone’s livelihood. So what if they got it. Are they on deaths door or just sick. Go live in your house but let the rest of us live our flipping lives. I can’t believe they put these people’s picture on the news. I can’t stand what our world is coming to. News flash 70% or more of our population has to get this virus to slow it down. Who ever wrote this article is a pathetic human being.

    1. News flash for you: Herd immunity will never work. Scientists have already proven in several countries, including our own, that the antibodies only last for 3 months. The only protection we have is social distancing and mask wearing. There is not even a guarantee of a vaccine working due to the antibodies eroding after a time, and the fact that the virus has 7-8 different strains.

  5. Parents who decided to get the kids out for their own safety SHOULD have gotten a refund. While we protects our kids at home, no one knows what teachers are doing. What I don’t like is that teachers are meanwhile partying (pic above), mask-less or not then going back to school, while cases are rising. I wouldn’t be ok with my child at school. Politics aside, being in medicine I can tell you what our hospitals look like…… lCareless….. that’s all I can say. They need to be considerate of others as well as their coworkers.

  6. GRSG needs to change its name to Get Ready, Set, Lawsuits. Not only is what they are doing dangerous, it’s not even being correctly managed. They need to learn the difference between the proper names for the testing, what is required to return, and they should have tested all the staff. The irresponsible teachers putting photos like that on social media opens up even more issues.They should be shut down by the health department. Or they can choose to stay open and forever have the reputation as “the outbreak school.”