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[A teacher at Get Ready Set Grow Academy, seen in this photo taken while facial covering orders were in effect, has tested positive for COVID-19. At least one student is also positive].

BY: ANDREW COLTON | Editor and Publisher

BOCA RATON, FL ( — The parent who held a party that involved students, and at least one COVID-19 infected teacher from Get Ready Set Grow Academy in Delray Beach, says she has a right to party.

“It’s a recommendation but it’s not a law,” said Dayna Bromley, the parent who hosted one of the parties. “This is absolutely ridiculous! I’m allowed to make that judgement on my own. No one can tell me not to have a party!”

“This is absolutely ridiculous! I’m allowed to make that judgement on my own. No one can tell me not to have a party!”

Get Ready Set Grow Academy, a preschool, announced Thursday that one young child and at least one teacher have tested positive for COVID-19. The announcement comes after photos surfaced of two parties in recent weeks — one involving Get Ready Set Grow teachers standing shoulder to shoulder without facial coverings, and another involving a young child’s party that showed children standing side by side.

Get Ready Set Grow
[The parent who held this party with children and teachers from “Get Ready Set Grow Academy” said she’s allowed to hold parties and that social distancing is optional. At least one child and one teacher have now tested positive for COVID-19].

Teachers from the first party attended the second party well within what has been described as the COVID-19 incubation period.

It is unclear if a teacher transmitted the disease to a student, if a student transmitted COVID-19 to a teacher, if COVID-19 was contracted from other people in Bromley’s house, of if they are completely unrelated infections. Contact tracers are apparently working to determine the transmission route.

In a heated phone call with, Bromley said having a party is no different than teachers and children being together in school.

“COVID is everywhere,” shouted Bromley. “We’re exposed to the same people whether at my house or in school. We limited the party (in my house) to only Get Ready Set Grow teachers, parents and students. No, we were not social distancing. They’re not social distancing in school.”

“We limited the party (in my house) to only Get Ready Set Grow teachers, parents and students. No, we were not social distancing. They’re not social distancing in school.”

Get Ready Set Grow Academy sent emails and text messages Thursday to parents. We are publishing that communication below. The school is closed for cleaning, although it is holding a “pre-k graduation” today. The preschool extended the academic year into July to compensate for time it closed in March.

Bromley said the school and parents are fine with a lack of social distancing in the building and if they want to party together, there’s no problem.

“If you’re of the opinion that I shouldn’t have a party, then do not come.”

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  1. Wonder who was the low life that came up with these article bullshit. There so many details that are completed distorted that it’s disgusting. People really need to get a life.

    1. Amen. Really astonishing how people this kids can only get the virus from school and not when parents go to work, the grocery store, Target, etc. What a smart virus! And if the commenters below have an issue with GRSG, here’s a novel idea, don’t send your kid there and then it’s no longer your concern.

  2. Without regard to the issue of RSG staff attending parties without masks, RSG should have tested every single staff member after the first positive COVID-19 diagnoses in order to determine whether ANY of their staff were/are infected and became asymptomatic carriers thereafter – particularly since they are operating a preschool.

    The obligation to stop the spread falls squarely on Ready Set Grow which has terribly failed in this regard.

  3. I think it is extremely inappropriate to tear down a mother and post photos of children publicly when laws are being followed. These innocent children could not have possibly consented to being exposed in photos like this, especially with how little you did to protect their identities. If this family’s behavior is inappropriate given the current climate, you should be focused on reporting on the local leaders, mayors, congressmen etc. that are not giving the public and businesses adequate guidance instead of fueling the fires of private school mothers looking for a tuition refund when the county likely shouldn’t have let this school open in the first place. Where is your piece about the failings of these local “leaders”? This kind of TMZ style reporting around a public health crisis is part of the problem. You are not reporting in order to enact change in policy making – you are exploiting a family as clickbait. Get it together [BocaNewsNow] and do better for your community. Focus on change and facts, not the literal schoolyard drama.

    1. The woman happily spoke to this paper and gave them quotes. She seems almost proud. The pictures were likely provided by her or public social media postings. At least they blocked out the faces.
      God, Floridians are truly a special kind of stupid. Glad I left Boca and the state after graduation high school. Good riddance.

  4. Well Miss Party Host,

    You are right. You can do whatever you want, but while you are at it, don’t send your child back to school to infect mine and my family.

  5. Well, yes, there is no “law” for social distancing, but there IS a legal mask mandate that masks need to be worn indoors…so there’s that if someone wanted to pursue legal action, I guess, for making them sick or sickening their child by holding your party. Still, mandate or no mandate, having a party in your home during a global health emergency while cases and deaths are increasing inside a state that has become the epicenter of a pandemic is just plain moronic. Yes, Miss Party Host, you were wrong. I know you don’t believe that, and your friends probably don’t believe that….because that would take someone with empathy and a heart that cares for others more than getting social points, but you were.

  6. Looks like some earlier comments were deleted. Didn’t like the facts? FACT: The party was 6 weeks ago, long before it would have been the source of this unfortunate infection. Again, sloppy journalism. Fear mongering media propaganda.

  7. Get Ready Set Grow is going to learn a hard lesson, unfortunately. Schools should not be opening in the name of profits – your ONE and ONLY job is to keep children safe. Here is a perfect example of the type of irresponsible parents who are first on line to send their kids back to school. I applaud the reporting and think the school should be ashamed to think it’s an appropriate time to host a Pre-K graduation. I’m sure the lawsuits will be starting soon.

  8. The people who participated in these parties are ignorant and irresponsible. They are part of the problem, not the solution. People like this are why Covid19 numbers are so high in Florida. What they don’t understand is that when they contract the virus, they may very well infect others who had. I thing to do with the party and don’t want to be exposed. They may even expose older people or people who have underlying conditions. These people seem to be the types who are probably shopping without masks and going to friends’ and families’ houses spreading the virus. Selfish and ignorant.

  9. These photos tell you the story. Not one sign of a mask anywhere, not even one foot between people…instead shoulder to shoulder! Covid 19 doesn’t care about the size of your house.

    A few people in these photos look down on essential workers.. Of course unless your’re doctor, lawyer,etc..or live in a similar neighborhood. Covid doesn’t discriminate.

    bromley – “This is ridiculous” REALLY? “Its only a recommendation”
    Ask the mother (essential worker) of the oldest bromley boy…What they did to her in the beginning of this Covid Pandemic when the #s were less than half of what they are now. I quote, “It’s just wrong”
    Completing 360% opposite of the behavior in these photos!

    It’s the arrogance of the elite(in their own thinking) to believe everyone else needs to fellow the rules keep THEM safe and in turn they are free to do as they please and risk the health of the innocent and their families.

    As far as the school… there should be some refunding! I’m guessing on the policy page on mention on refunds during a globe Pandemic. It is a sad day for GRSG!

    I do trust that these and all teachers work very hard at their jobs and do their best to educate the children. I’m sorry for the teachers but they should have know better, despite the venue.
    Standing shoulder to shoulder as if wearing body amour against Covid and then going to teach…
    Birthdays parties can wait. many, many have!!

    Thank you social media
    Thank you Bocanewsnow for the article