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UPDATE: Federal Magistrate Judge Slams Aaron Singerman In Order

Aaron Singerman Order

Redcon1 Founder “Can Not Be Trusted,” Wrote Magistrate Judge. “Enough Is Enough.” Read The Document.

Singerman Now Held Until Federal Sentencing. Posts Final Video To Facebook. Read The Transcript.

Supporters Post Comments Stating Support, Claiming Federal Fraud Is No Big Deal.

Aaron Singerman Order
A Federal Magistrate Judge slammed Aaron Singerman in an order sending Singerman to a federal holding facility. Singerman’s wife posted his goodbye video to social media. Watch it, below.

BY: ANDREW COLTON | Editor and Publisher

BOCA RATON, FL ( (Copyright © 2022 MetroDesk Media, LLC) — Federal Magistrate Judge William Matthewman, in a strongly worded order, wrote that Redcon1 founder Aaron Singerman can not be trusted and that ”enough is enough.” Magistrate Judge Matthewman wrote the comments in the order that sent Singerman to a West Palm Beach federal holding facility late Thursday while he awaits sentencing on federal fraud charges.

Singerman, according to federal prosecutors, violated the terms of his bond when he first was arrested for BUI following a late November boat crash in Deerfield Beach. He then allegedly caused a crash near Aventura several days ago. Singerman had been ordered to not drive, but drove — allegedly while under the influence of sleeping medication — when he was charged again.

“Further,” wrote Magistrate Judge Matthewman, “the Court finds that Defendant is unlikely to abide by any condition or combination of conditions of release. Defendant has gotten into two dangerous accidents within two months of his guilty plea. There is an escalating pattern of reckless behavior which has caused damage to personal property and to Defendant himself. The Court simply no longer trusts Defendant to comply with any of its orders or release conditions.”

“In sum, the Undersigned Judge simply does not trust Defendant Singerman to abide by any condition or combination of conditions of release set by this Court. It is clear to the Court that the Defendant believes he can do whatever he wants to do despite Court orders to the contrary. Defendant needs to learn this is not the case in federal court.”

Thursday’s emergency hearing was called for by United States Department of Justice prosecutors who determined Singerman’s bond must be revoked.

Aaron Singerman, founder of Redcon1, was set to stand trial on a multi-count federal indictment for work years ago with Blackstone Labs. The federal government alleges that Singerman was involved with the mass marketing of mislabled nutritional supplements. The indictment has nothing to do with Redcon1. On the eve of his trial in November, Singerman pleaded guilty to two counts in exchange for others being dropped. He faces 13 years in prison when sentenced later this month.

Singerman recorded a “goodbye” message — apparently from the otuside kitchen at his $6M home in Boca Raton’s “The Sanctuary” — on Wednesday night. His wife posted it to Facebook late Thursday. We are publishing the video, and the transcript, below. In his message, Singerman is notably contrite — just days after stating that he would do nothing differently during a speech at the Redcon1 holiday part held at Mar-A-Lago. Comments to his wife’s Facebook page, after the video, show a notable disconnect between his fans, and the reality that Singerman plead guilty to federal crimes — then violated the terms of his bond agreement.

Aaron Singerman’s pre-recorded “good bye” message, released by his wife hours after a federal magistrate judge ordered him held pending sentencing.

“Hey guys, we’re making this video the night before my hearing tomorrow. And I’m hoping that Ariel never needs to post this on my Instagram and posting on social media. But I felt like in Dario felt like, this is something that I needed to do, I didn’t want to leave unanswered questions, because it’s going to be a while till I’ll be able to post again, myself. So, before I get going, I want to say thank you to all my friends who have reached out and been there for me. And we’ve had tremendous support. And, you know, while I will be gone, we have so many people that reached out and said that they’ll do whatever they can to help Dario and the kids. And that’s just awesome to know that that support is there. And in for all those people that did that, thank you. And for all the quote unquote, friends that didn’t reach out. That’s been helpful, too, because it lets me know, who’s my real friend and who’s not. And that’s okay. You know, that’s something that goes along with the territory that I expected that this would eventually come. While I didn’t expect this result. You know, the truth is that there’s a lot of anxiety attached to this a lot. For me, I wasn’t expecting so much I’ve been through a lot of stuff in my life, a lot of not good stuff. We’ve had tremendous ups and tremendous downs in the 10 years, that me and Dario had been together. And we’ve experienced, as I’ve said this many times, multiple lifetimes in that 10 years. And we had so many great times, but also, some bad times. And this is one of them for sure. In over the last month, from changing my plea, it’s been extremely month, more than a month, it’s been extremely difficult for me extremely difficult. And as a result of all the stress and anxiety, I made some bad decisions that I wished I wouldn’t have made.

And, you know, I regret, I regret them. And I wish that, that I was able, I was more prepared to handle this kind of anxiety and stress. But I haven’t been. So I want to say sorry, if anybody, I guess, Acquainted and tell the fans and our friends of redcon. One, that redcon one is totally healthy, right? It has nothing to do with this. It’s a past company of mine from over six years ago. And it has nothing to do with our products, we have been one of the things that when I left blacks, and one of the things that was very important to me, we start red con is to make the company a whole different kind of company, very compliant, we never wanted to use any ingredients that weren’t, we wanted to create a company that was as clean as clean could be and actually create a company that was able to be looked at by the industry and its consumers, our consumers, as the shining light of compliancy and the shining light of doing things the right way.

And creating a brand that the customers can be proud to take and confident that they’re taking what they’re told they’re taking. So don’t if you’re a red cone customer don’t be concerned, the products aren’t changing. In the last year, I’ve been kind of backing off in terms of leadership, where Eric Hart has been picking it up and the rest of the leadership team has been picking it up. And then in the last two or three months, I’ve been even more removed on purpose, because I didn’t want to leave a vacuum. And a lot of great people on our team has stepped up a lot. So we have a leadership team of eight people who are just awesome, just awesome and are going to take redcon one to the next level. So that is a big thing that we have done. In terms of me, I mean, I’m going to miss bigger than anything else, I’m going to miss very well, my wife, my three boys, Asher, Aiden, and Elijah, more than anything else, I’m not scared of where I’m going, I’m not scared of what’s going to happen for me. In fact, I’m only exclusively scared for them. They’re the priority in my life. They’re the most important people in my life. And they’re the reason I do everything I do all the hard work that you guys have seen, the brand we’ve created, it’s all ultimately for them and for us to you know, have a financially secure family and have fun times together and provide the opportunity to to do things that I didn’t get to do as a kid. So it’s been a great, it’s been the biggest blessing in my life to have three sons.

And it scares me that that they are not going to have a dad for a period of time. Whether it’s a short period of time or a little bit longer. Any amount of time that I’m going it’s going to be hard for them and Harper Dariel. So, you know, when people ask me, what can they do for me? The answer is support Dario in the kids. And that’s the answer for everybody. Because a lot of people have said, like, what can I do to help? What you could do to help is make sure you’re extra kind to Dario and the kids during this very tough time for everybody. So I want to thank everybody. Hopefully girl is not posting this right now. Hopefully you’re not seeing it. But if you are, this may be the last time you see me on social media for quite some time. So we may post some of my updates in text form on social media in the future. I’m not sure. But I wanted to tell everybody I’m sorry this has happened. Being very sorry for my family. Sorry that I’m having to do this video that we feel like I should do this video.

And I wish things were different. And I wish I could go back in time and change some of the mistakes I made at the other company. And I tried to write my wrongs by creating redcon and doing something that was squeaky clean. But that’s not how the world works. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to pay for past mistakes, even if it seems like a lifetime ago, you’re still on the hook. So I guess the message for anybody out there, never take any shortcuts, never do anything that you’re questionable about. Because if you do, it can come back to haunt you. Even if it’s years and years later, no matter how much good stuff you do, no matter how many people you help, you know, it may not matter. And in this case, it hasn’t mattered. So, thank you guys very much. I appreciate all your support.

And I appreciate the the customers and fans and friends family of redcon one, all of our tier operators, all of our great athletes, all of the super employees we have have created this company. It truly was a tremendous team effort from the very beginning. While I’ve led, you know, and I have led from the front, I am not the end all be all of redcon one, the company is bigger than any one person. And that’s because you guys, it’s because you’re because of your support. So thank you again, and hopefully talk to you soon.”

We are publishing reaction from Aaron Singerman’s followers who posted to his wife’s Facebook page. Darielle Singerman continues to blast the media for following her husband’s case.




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