Off-Duty Boca Cop Tasers Man At Mizner Park

Nicholas Mastropieri, Courtesy Palm Beach County Jail.

BOCA RATON, FL ( — An off-duty Boca Raton Police Officer tased a man who refused to identify himself after allegedly harassing an employee at the Dubliner at Mizner Park.

A bouncer at the Dubliner claimed that Nicholas Mastropieri, 20, of NW 38th Circle, was bothering a hostess who has a restraining order against him.

No such restraining order exists, according to public Palm Beach County court records.

The off-duty officer demanded that the just-bounced Mastropieri provide his name. He allegedly refused, then fled through Mizner, ultimately to be tased by the officer. He fell onto a woman as the shock jolted his body.

Mastropieri was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail and charged with resisting arrest. However, he was not charged with violating a restraining order, the allegation that started the incident.

Here is the affidavit of probable cause:

While working an off duty detail at Mizner Park I noticed one of the bouncers at the Dubliner Bar, B/M Laurence Baptiste, escorting an unknown W/M out of the bar. I asked him what had the man done. Mr. Baptiste told me that their Hostess has a restraining order against this man and he was bothering her. I told him he should have gotten one of the officers because that is a crime. I then approached the W/M and asked him what had happened. He told me that he thought the bouncer had him confused with someone else. I asked him what his name was. He told me that he did not feel that was necessary. I told him it was. I told him he was not free to go because I was investigating a report that he had been bothering one of the employees, who has a restraining order against him. He told me that he was going to leave and he did not have to tell me his name. I pulled out my taser and told him that he needed to give me his name and information. He stated, “what you are going to tase me. I told him yes if you want me to. He then took off running east across Plaza Real. I fired my taser striking him in the back with one prong. It looked like the second prong did not penetrate thesubject. He continued to run east to the east side of Mizner Park, and then north along the store fronts. I pursued him on foot with my taser still in my hand.. I noticed the W/M as he ran through a group of people who were walking in front of him. I continued behind him and caught up with him as he fell into a woman who was walking north along the side walk. The woman who was identified as W/F Lorraine Dym 2/27/54. Ms. Dym fell back onto the suspect. I used my taser to dry stun the suspect in his right leg. I then gave him verbal orders to roll over onto his stomach and to place his hands behind his back. I placed him in handcuffs. Other officers responded and took the suspect into custody. I attended to Ms. Dym and made sure she was medically cared for.

I called for BRFD to respond for my suspect as well as Ms. Dym.  She stated she was shaken up, but had no
injury from the incident."
Mastropieri was placed under arrest for resisting without violence per FSS 843.02. He was
transported to the Boca Emergency Room for medical clearance. Mastropieri had the prong
removed from his back by the hospital staff. He only suffered minor injuries from the
prong and minor abrasions from the fall. Mastropieri was cleared by the doctor and 

transported to Palm Beach County Jail.


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7 thoughts on “Off-Duty Boca Cop Tasers Man At Mizner Park”

  1. Typical Boca scum bag. These young kids have really taken a turn for the worse. With their pill popping, heavy drinking, worthless lifestyles. We see them come into Delray and drive fast on our streets with no care for life. I say bring back the draft for criminal offenders.

    1. Mark Davis, are you a propagandist for a police state or are you really just a mindless slave? The cop is the criminal oppressor. Get that through your foolish head.

  2. Ha Mark Davis, typical baby boomer response… Thank you to “the greatest generation” for having all the (unprotected) sex drugs and rock & roll they could handle in the 60’s/70’s then being so busy spending (borrowing) $17Trillion of their great grandkids money to have time to raise their kids or read articles word for word…
    I think your draft comment shed’s lots of light on what you were doing while your friends were being drafted and enlisting to serve their country in Vietnam. What did you do… Take a few more years of marketing classes? Run off to Canada? Burn your red white and blue bra?
    Were you too busy making interest only debt payments to read the affidavit? A false statement about a restraining order that does not exist led to an off duty cop getting involved with something that the bouncer already handled.
    How much of your VIsa Cash Advance money you want to bet me the “Boca Scum Bag” is convicted of nothing? Get a life and look both ways before crossing streets in Delray.

  3. It is a sad thing that an off duty cop can go around tasing peopleif there is a disturbance. That affadivit proves he used unnecessary force. The victim even said he was leaving and he did not have to give his name, but of course liberal Boca police think they can do whatever they want over the people. Boca is ran by clowns…

    (1) Because corrupt state district attorneys are ruling in investigations concerning tasing injuries and deaths afflicted by officers as “justified“.
    This is giving officers a free ticket to torture and kill without fear of being sued or having to face criminal charges.
    (2) Many officers who have served multiple tours in Iraq and/or Afghanistan brings back with them two types of profiles:
    (2.a) The first profile are those who are suffering from PTSD and/or depression and/or anxiety. They may be doing fine one minute; however, their mental disorders can be triggered in a second by an event or actions of others.
    (2.b) The second profile are those who have become cold and ruthless. They are taking down unarmed fellow Americans with no remorse as if they are were hostile war combatants.
    It is interesting to note that returning law enforcement officers who have mental issues are carrying lethal weapons.
    (3) Most officers don’t have social and physiological training which makes them socially awkward with very poor communication skills so they assault the subjectss. Officers keep escalating the methods of torture until the victim summits to whatever they want them to do or until death. Life or death depends on the extent of the officer’s rage and mental state. Torture from multiple tasings usually ends in death.
    Some of these returning vets are drawing VA mental disability checks. Since their departments are not being told, (because they are afraid that they will not get their old jobs back) the vets are not properly being monitored by their supervisors and internal affairs are not doing special reviews.
    However, most deaths are caused from head injuries as a result of falling due to the high voltage paralyzing and rendering the victims helpless and sometimes unconscious. Jail and prison deaths from head injuries are very high followed by Mental facilities, because of so much steel present in those buildings. As observed in dozens of live videos: police, deputies, correctional officers, border patrol, etc. have never attempted to break the victims’ falls. Officers that where standing in positions that could have caught the falling subjects side stepped possibly because they were afraid of the high voltage.

  5. I hope someone helps this guy get a good defense attorney to destroy the dumb state attorneys who are going to try to defend this cop who was obviously going on a power trip and wanted to show off in front of the idiots that frequent Dubliner.

  6. This is an unreal –
    Little man with big badge syndrome?
    Police commissioner? You there? What is you opinion?
    Read the people’s common sense remarks…
    train them… or terminate them.
    This man should file a civil lawsuit.